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At Toehold quality and innovation are the lifeblood of everything we do, so we welcome young and dynamic professionals who are meritorious and passionate about excellence and service. In lieu we offer a work environment that is open, involving, creatively satisfying and immense fun! Review our open positions and apply for a suitable one if you don't want to leave your heart behind when you go to work every day!


Job Code: FM-BLR
Position Type: Full Time
Experience: At least 8 Years
Location: Bengaluru

Role Responsibilities and Description:
Our manager of finance will hold executive charge of all our pecuniary matters, and report to the directors. If you can recite tax laws backwards, have the rupee symbol mentally tattooed on your brain tissues, and your favourite sound is the ringing of the cash register, read on for specifics on responsibilities and requirements.

  • Monitor cash balances and forecasts
  • Arrange for debt and equity financing
  • Manage accounting, compliance, legal, and tax matters
  • Manage auditor and external financial service provider relations
  • Oversee and monitor transaction processing systems
  • Introduce and implement best practices
  • Supervise acquisition due-diligence and negotiate acquisitions
  • Oversee issuance of financial information
  • Review and approve all compliance filings
  • Report financial results to board of directors
  • Understand and mitigate company risk profile
  • Ensure that the company complies with all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Ensure records meet auditor and government agency requirements
  • Prepare statutory accounts and financial statements in accordance with accounting standards and guidelines, including the production of financial returns as required
  • Assist in the production of the annual budget in consultation with other staff across the organisation, providing reporting mechanisms to facilitate overall budgetary control.
  • To manage and develop the finance team staff through supervision, appraisal, coaching and monitoring.

  • MBA in Finance
  • At least eight years' experience with a considerable part of it managing the overall finances of a company
  • Enthusiastic willingness to work in a startup culture

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Job Code: MH-BLR
Position Type: Full Time
Experience: At least 8 Years
Location: Bengaluru

Role Responsibilities and Description:

The marketing head will be in charge of developing and executing a business development and marketing strategy; to promote and support growth, and achieve the company’s goals of sales, profitability and brand awareness.

We don't need our marketing head to sell ice to an inuit, but help people realise that ice – and inuits – are worth travelling to experience and photograph.

If you're as passionate about marketing as a child is about a packet of Cheetos, and as good at it as Christiano Ronaldo is in coaxing a football into the net, do apply. And if you can already see yourself as marketing head at Toehold, apply the instant after reading the following minutiae.

  • Devise, develop and implement the company's marketing strategies – the marketing reins will be in your hands!
  • Coordinate and collaborate effectively with internal teams to set and achieve goals – it’s all a game; a team game!
  • Facilitate and participate in fairs, conferences and other marketing-related events – the more outgoing you are, the better!
  • Work with the communications team for branding, public relations, advertising and other marketing efforts and material – we want to talk the walk!
  • Define and coordinate marketing programmes – don your director’s hat!
  • Make presentations to potential clients – make an impression, and make it large!
  • Draw up and handle the marketing budget – get money to work!
  • Use analytics and market research to refine strategies – review, analyse, reform, repeat!
  • Maintain relationships with business partners, clients and company staff – together we’re stronger!

  • Post-graduate degree in business management – we need to know you do know what you know to know!
  • At least eight years’ experience in leading a marketing team – just so we rest assured your shoulders are seasoned!
  • Demonstrated record of high performance and quantifiable achievement – let your merit speak for itself!
  • Excellent oral and written communication, and presentation and interpersonal skills – to wax eloquent about how cool we are!
  • Considerable analytical ability – to know what you’re doing right, or wrong, and do more right than wrong!
  • Computer literacy and mastery over Microsoft Office and Powerpoint, and Adobe Photoshop. Familiarity with Adobe Illustrator and at least one video-editing application is a bonus. – Being skilled to the gills doesn’t hurt!
  • Familiarity with the travel and/or photography industry desired – for a head start!
  • Flexibility about working alone or as a part of a team – like a bird without boundaries!
  • Leadership and negotiation skills – remove obstacles and show the way!
  • Ability to be organised and deliver within defined deadlines – time kept is time earned!

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