Toehold Kids Events
Toehold's Kids Events combine the pleasures of travel and the treasures of learning in a riotous experience on our unmatched Camps and Workshops for Children. So a love for Nature and art is imbibed in them from a tender age. And mentored by Phillip Ross - the biggest hit with children since Robin Williams - they pave the way for your child to blossom into a green citizen!
Why go to a Toehold Kids Event?
  • Effortlessly educational and immensely fun
  • Toehold's rich experience in mentoring kids
  • Events specially designed for kids
  • Safety and wellbeing of kids assured
  • Plenty of games and practical exercises
  • Structed topics suited to all accommodated ages
  • Guidance of master photographer Phillip Ross
What participants had to say

A Dasara with a Difference
Want to make your child's Dasara different and memorable? We certainly do.

That's why we have a range of exciting Camps and Workshops for children aged between 8 and 16, on which the joy of exploring the wild with a camera will be doubled by a mentor's guidance. Holiday happiness will now hit your little one with full strength, the Toehold way.

Parental Pleasure Father-Child Naturalist Camp
JAN 28-29, 2017  (1N/2D)
Skipper: Phillip Ross

Why should children have all the fun alone? Join this special Young Naturalist Camp for fathers and kids, and trade parental pressure for pleasure!
HOT - A few seats left
Tiger Teenathon
Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh
MAY 10-14, 2017  (4N/5D)
Skipper: Phillip Ross

Seeing a tiger in the wild is special enough. But seeing one when your mind is still malleable can be life-changing. Enter if you're ready.
HOT - A few seats left
Teen Sensation
Kenya, Africa
MAY 22-27, 2017  (5N/6D)
Skipper: Phillip Ross

This May, blur boundaries for your child. Introduce them to the magic of Africa at unbelievable off-season prices!
OPEN - Seats available