Basics of Photography Workshop - Pune
Basics of Photography Workshop - Pune Basics of Photography Workshop - Pune Basics of Photography Workshop - Pune Basics of Photography Workshop - Pune Basics of Photography Workshop - Pune

Basics of Photography Workshop
Apr 26-27, 2014


Photography can be a truly rewarding experience – one that not only beats boredom blues but also adds a spark to life by opening up our creative side. Then follow the appreciation and fan following. When this creative satisfaction is handled well and nurtured in the right direction it can become a career for a lucky few or simply a very involving hobby. In any case, it gives life a new meaning that is usually not realised through mundane desk jobs.

You could be someone who wants to be a pro in the future or simply wants to whet their creative appetite. What is important is the initial impetus to understand the jargon, the technicalities and the tricks of the trade that are hard to come by.

The Basics of Photography Workshop is aimed at beginners who have struck love with photography and are seeking professional guidance to achieve a good learning and understanding of the highly creative arena of photography. Our learned team of professional photographers forms your strong toehold to tap into the knowledge and experience that was gleaned over years of dedication and practice.

After having recently conducted plenty of workshops in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Mysore and Chennai, Toehold is bringing this popular workshop to Pune to empower enthusiasts with the knowledge and expertise of photography.


  • Your Camera and Lens or a prosumer point and shoot camera
  • Some pictures you have shot, on a pen drive or CD.


  • Amateur Photographers interested in taking photography seriously. No Age limit/ No Qualifications / No prerequisite except interest.
  • DSLR Camera users will benefit the most out of the workshop while Consumer Digital Camera users can attend the workshops as well.
  • Bringing a camera is not mandatory; it is prudent to have one to relate to the topics in question. Let us know if you don't have a camera and we can arrange it for you.


  • Date: Apr 26-27, 2014
  • Time: 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Venue: Hotel Aurora Towers, 9 Moledina Road, Pune


Rahul Sachdev
Having grown up on Jim Corbett stories, Rahul was quick to find his calling in the wild. In spite of a successful career in the software industry, he nurtured a deep-rooted passion for wildlife and photography, a journey that took him far and wide across the country and overseas, during which Rahul earned intimate knowledge of the jungle, its inhabitants, the people around it and the art of portraying them. Harbouring special love for birds and mammals, Rahul has built an illustrious profile that dazzles with aesthetic brilliance and emotional appeal, and is punctuated with moments from the wild that have been widely published on the web and in various magazines.

A consummate trainer, Rahul regularly leads photography tours and conducts workshops that help participants learn to make images rather than merely take pictures. A selection of Rahul's work may be viewed on his website and followed on his Facebook Page, Rahul Sachdev Photography.


This workshop will be delivered with these subjects/topics in question. If you have specific requirements of topics not present below - please write to us or let us know during the workshop and we can address such requirements.

  • Photography Basics
    • Introduction to Digital Photography
    • Formats of Photography
    • Megapixels
    • Choosing Camera & Essential Features of a DSLR
    • Advantages & Disadvantages of Digital Photography
    • Understanding your Camera
    • Focal Length and Magnification - X factor
    • Different types of Lenses
    • Telecoverters
  • Exposure
    • Aperture
    • Shutter Speed
    • ISO
    • Exposure Programs
    • Metering
    • Exposure Compensation
    • Bracketing
    • AE/AF Lock
    • Manual Exposure
  • Focusing
    • Nikon/Canon Focus Systems
    • Kinds of Focusing
    • Types of Focusing
    • AF Points
    • Auto/Manual
  • Composition
  • Depth of Field
  • Sharpness
  • Slideshow of Photographs
  • The Thought Process of good Photography
    • Conveying stories
    • Special traits of a photographer
    • Ethics of Photography
    • Misrepresentation of Reality Vs Creative Freedom
    • Exceptions and Rules
  • Digital Post Processing
  • Image Stabilization
  • White Balance
  • Using Filters in Digital Photography
  • Tips and Tricks Of Photography
  • Best Practices Of Photography
  • Review and feedback
  • Questions & Answers


  • It was my pleasure to attend your session. Finally I got an opportunity to attend though I have been planning for more than an year. Though it was just 2 days, I am sure that I earned more knowledge in these 2 days than I did myself from 15 months of time since I purchased my D-SLR.
    - Rakesh Seetharam, Bangalore

  • It was a wonderful workshop and worth attending as I'd taken leave from my medical/laboratory duties. I've been in Delhi for the last two years, and I can honestly say that this was the most awesome weekend I ever had.
    - Dharaa Shah, Delhi

  • To be frank I was never so interested in any of the class as I was for this, You're a great teacher, teaching is a skill and you've mastered it. As I have told you I have done a workshop prior to this at Canon Pro Workshop and not very satisfied though being a big canon fan. This was the workshop you absolutely nailed the concepts on my head. I am happy that I could learn something for which my heart beats(Photography) in a very effective way possible.
    - Prem R, Bangalore

  • First of all I would like to thank you once again for the effort you put in over the two days and helping us to understand the basics. It was a truly great experience for each of us. I will surely recommend this to a few of my friends who I am sure will love to be a part of this program.
    - Siddhartha Adhikari, Delhi

  • I must congratulate and thank you and Toehold for such a wonderful workshop. I wish i had attended it earlier and not struggled using my DSLR almost like a film camera! I found all the sessions very useful and relevant. I particularly enjoyed the sessions on metering and photo aesthetics ( Your father's Chakravarthy photo just jolted me out of the seat - both for its visual and story-titling appeal. It left a lasting impression...I think of it everyday)
    - Smitha Kalyani, Bangalore

  • The two-day program was fantastic and an eye-opener for me, especially because I thought I knew everything just because I had researched the internet. Thank you again for sharing your experiences and tips and tricks. I look forward to joining one of the Photography Tours organized by Toehold soon.
    - Jayaprakash Bojan, Bangalore

  • It was very well organized in terms of course content. All of us enjoyed and learnt a lot. You conducted in such a manner that all participants were able to interact with you and also with each other. It was a learning process, we not only learnt the theory but also the practice of photography. We are also thankful to you for reviewing our photographs and providing guidance to improve.
    - N.C. Sud, Mumbai

  • Thank you so much for sharing the knowledge on photography, It was a wonderful session and helped in gaining lot of knowledge which would help in the photography skills. I look forward for the new journey. It was a truely professional session.
    - Kotresh Kogundi, Bangalore

  • Thank you for your work during the recent workshop. It was a valuable experience for me. Photography has always been an interest developed through my travels. I've never bothered to learn a few basics so most things have been through trial and error.
    Thanks again for your efforts and hopefully we can cross paths again at another time
    - Martin Gleeson, Mumbai

  • I wanted to thank you for invigorating my interest in photography as a serious hobby, more so because of the way you meticulously explained all the technical angles in such a simple manner, that all our doubts got vaporized. May be there's still time for me to buy an SLR, since i want to exploit all options possible on this bridge-camera while learning the techniques and in process the handicaps of a point-and-shoot, but promise that i'll keep sending you my work for critical reviews. I also wished to re-call my casually chosen words describing this course as "basic" one, since what i actually assumed looking at people similar to me carrying point-and-shoot, trying to learn what camera to choose, as one of the most foundation step to learning photography. But towards the end of the workshop, i was able to realize, how smartly you trained us on the concepts ranging from most basic to advanced levels, offcourse closing the session with what was required for us to qualify to next level and yet not overload.
    - Gaurav Singh, Bangalore

  • I must say that not only my expectations were met in the workshop but were exceeded by 1000%. It was fun filled and extensive learning. I enjoyed the whole experience. The workshop is very well engineered, from the venue to the content & delivery.
    - Veeresh P M, Bangalore

  • Thank you for a well-planned and organized workshop. The content was carefully organized and the pace, just fine to keep us all interested all the time. For me, this was a weekend well spent :) . As I mentioned at the beginning of the workshop, I had some amount of knowledge about some of the things like aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Most of these were self-taught and picked up from my friends. I had thought that this is what would make up most of what forms the "basics" of photography. The topics of metering, focusing, exposure were a real eye-opener. Also, I could set right, some of my misconceptions about shooting in manual mode all the time. After looking at the processing of RAW photos, I am happy to say that I'm switching from shooting JPEGs to shooting RAW photos, right from today. In fact, the photos I shot during the experiments done today are all RAW and I'm sitting and processing them on GIMP now :)
    - Srinivasa S, Bangalore

  • Firstly many thanks to you for the informative workshop and for sharing your technical and artistic skill with us. The workshop has changed the way i look at photographs. I've actually started to appreciate them better than before and you have rekindled my interest in photography. The workshop was well planned & appropriately conducted & has made our foundation stronger. I also met a lot of amazing people during the course of the workshop.
    - Captain Sanjeev, Indian Navy

  • At the outset, I thank you for coming up with this magnificient platform for amteur photographers like me. Reading loads of material never helped me. I really liked the lucid/easy to follow style, practicle demonstartions by you and the fact that maximum emphasis was laid on the basics which lay the foundation for improving skills.
    - Indranil Dutta, Mumbai

  • I too enjoyed this weekend a lot and have learnt many new things about photography as a whole! It is wonderful to see the photos you have shot and to learn from them. I really value your opinions on the type of camera to buy and the shots that I had taken. Thanks so much for the wonderfully interactive, knowledgeable and fun session you had provided.
    - Lakshmi Nair, Bangalore

  • Absolutely loved doing the workshop, thanks to Toehold Photography and our mentor who made learning effortless and enjoyable. A very well planned workshop for beginners and I highly recommend the workshop to anyone who simply wants to take better photographs and make optimum use of all the features of their equipment. The workshop was inspiring, informative, well structured and best of all it was a lot of fun. The workshop taught me so much about shooting and the digital SLR, it doesn't seem like a complicated tool anymore! The workshop has given us beginners a foundation for creating good photographs. It surely was a great learning experience and i learnt a lot of new things right from camera techniques to composition ideas and most importantly to love your own shots no matter what the world has to say about it! Be it an experienced photographer or a newbie, this workshop will give you an amazing new insight into how to exhibit and improve your vision and your photography
    - Pratiksha Avhad, Mumbai


INR 6,200 per participant. (Inclusive of all taxes)

Payments accepted by Cash or by Bank Transfer before the workshop.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register for the workshop?
    You can register for the workshop by clicking the register now button and filling out the registration form.
  • How do I make the payment?
    You can make the payment by cash or by bank transfer to our account.
  • What should I get for the workshop?
    You can bring your camera equipment and some pictures on pen drive for review and critique.
  • I have made the payment, but I am unable to attend due to a emergency.
    Yes, we make such exceptions. You can attend a forthcoming workshop. We do not make any refunds.


  • Date: Apr 26-27, 2014
  • Cost: INR 6,200/-
    Inclusive of taxes
  • Venue: Hotel Aurora Towers,
    9 Moledina Road, Pune
  • Mentor: Rahul Sachdev


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