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New and Improved dimBu v2.0 - Bean Bag for Nature Photographers

Tired of perpetually capturing shaky images on a safari where you cannot use tripods? Tried everything? Well, not everything! Toehold presents the "dimBu" your ultimate image stabilizer!

The new and improved Toehold dimBu V2.0 is a fast and easy way to provide a window mount for a photographer's camera and lens. The team at toehold has carefully designed this bag to fit properly on a car door or window. The dimBu forms a superb camera support for any camera and lens combination, thus allowing photographers to get images as sharp as a tack. Its unique horseshoe shape wraps around and hugs a car door or window. It provides a very solid platform for big lenses (500mm/600mm/800mm) and also works well with any other lens/camera combinations.

Not only does it excel on a vehicle door or window it can also be turned upside down and placed on a flat surface like a vehicle roof. In the upside down position the bag provides excellent support for large zoom lenses and camera combinations. The dimBu can even be placed on its side and used to support a big lens combination.

The dimBu weighs less than 200gms empty and can weigh up to five kilos depending on the fill material selected and the desired volume. We ship them empty. Beans, rice, polyethylene beads or a number of other materials can be used to fill the bag.

We suggest you use the heaviest fill you are willing to handle. The heavier the bag the more stable it will be, especially if you are using a big lens. As the bag is made from a soft non destructive leather surface, cameras and lenses do not get damaged or scratched.

Features of dimBu

  • Made to suit telephoto lenses
  • Simple to use Non-Skid Material
  • Provides extreme sturdiness and support
  • Flexible & Convenient to carry
  • Highly rugged
  • Soft leather top keeps your equipment scratch free
  • Can be filled with locally available material. Rice, Beans, Plastic Pellets, Polythene beads, etc.
  • Adjustable Fill Quantities

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Photographers who used dimBu recently said

  • I received the "dimBu" bean bag yesterday. Quality of the product is good. I expect you to come up with more such for the photographers.
    - K Narasimhan

  • The "dimBu" by Toehold is really cool, the bean bag is designed very well. I had major problems with regular beanbags while making shots at ground level because of the fixed height, but with Dimbu that problem is solved because you can use it in different positions for different heights. I took it to feild last sunday and made some cool pictures of egyptian vultures.
    - Kiran Poonacha

  • I was thrilled to get a sharp image of a leopard, even though it was almost dark. This dimBu rocks
    - Gautham K

  • It's a perfect fit for my new 600mm. Thank you Toehold
    - Manish Rao, Mumbai

  • I used to use a metal window mount before and wasn't very happy, hence I decided to give this a try. I immediately loved this product. You are so much more flexible while photographing, and its suede material doesn't damage my lens like how the metal mount used to. GREAT PRODUCT
    - Vishnu S, Bangalore

  • My photographs have started to look professional thanks to this product, I couldn't have asked for anything better
    - Aditi Shankar

  • I borrowed this product from my friend on my last trip to Bandipur. We were lucky to get a glimpse of a tiger late in the evening. Amongst 5 photographers in the jeep, I was the only one to get a decent image. This product is truly the ultimate image stabilizer. I have to get one now
    - Vinay Reddy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have not used a bean bag ever, is it recommended?
    Most professional photographers today, who photograph using super tele-photo lenses like 500, 600 and 800mm lenses, cannot ignore the need for a bean bag especially in a Safari-based shooting environment. The dimBu is carefully designed to support the barrel of the long lens to stabilize the exposure enabling sharp results.
  • I have seen some products online. How good is yours?
    We at Toehold designed this product to provide a solution to an affordable and approachable bean bag system basically for the photographers of Sub-continent. Though it is priced a few times cheaper than the ones available in the UK and US, we are sure about the quality and standards we have maintained while forming this product.
  • What material is used to make this?
    The dimBu is manufactured using a dual layer canvas material with high quality zippers and soft suede leather to protect your lenses from scratches and marks.
  • How can I buy this product?
    Toehold's dimBu can be purchased by placing an order request online. We accept funds transfer to our Current Account or you are welcome to drop in to our office to pick up your piece. We will courier the product within 4 days of receipt of payment to your address.
  • Will I have to pay shipping charges if I personally pick up the dimBu?
    No, you will not be charged the shipping fee.
  • What does dimBu mean?
    dimBu - pronounced as dim-boo is a simple word in Kannada for a pillow.


  • Price: INR 1200/-
    Inclusive of taxes
  • Shipping charges extra
  • Pay by: Wire Transfer/Cash/Cheque

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