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Toehold Travel & Photography Limited

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Toehold is India's numero uno travel-and-photography company, offering high-quality photography-oriented travel and other services.

As India's first full-fledged photography-equipment-rental service and leading provider of Photography Workshops, Tours, Kids Events and Personalised Vacations, Toehold is a one-stop shop for photography professionals and enthusiasts alike, serving as a catalyst of excellence to help thousands discover the joy of travel and self-expression.

Toehold's commitment to quality is rooted in the illustrious team of professionals whose considerable acclaim in photography preceded its inception in 2010. Since then Toehold has been the leader in delivering the best-in-class travel experience by combining education, resources and fun on the go.


As a service company, you, the customer, are at the heart of everything we do. And our commitment to our customers is enshrined in our vision and our mission.

Our Vision
Toehold's vision is to do what a toehold does – serve as a critical support for your ascent towards your dreams, and to make photography accessible to everyone. We strive to realise our vision through your success, by equipping you with the expertise and the tools you need at every step of your journey. Toehold's vision is to be your toehold, all the way to the summit.

Our Mission
Our abiding mission is to be a catalyst of excellence by empowering customers with the requisite knowledge, tools and expert assistance to enjoy new experiences, and achieve their creative potential through the pursuit of travel and photography.

We strive to be and remain the best provider of photography and photography-oriented travel services in India. As a passionate and ambitious company, we aim to achieve this through a combination of innovation; diligence in planning and execution; and by building partnerships with the best resources to realize our paramount mission of delivering the ultimate customer-experience.

Whether you are a beginner in photography or a seasoned professional, we facilitate success by providing you all you need. We offer the best cameras and lenses on rent so you needn't break the bank to follow your heart. We demystify jargon so you may use the gear more easily. And we equip you with our experience and expertise, so you may make your images sing the stories of your unforgettable journeys.


"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." - St. Augustine

Travel is the elixir of the curious mind, and at Toehold we strongly believe in its power to bring people together and elicit an appreciation for our wonderful world. To play a part in the discovery of the joys of travel and photography, we practise and promote responsible tourism to India's and the world's most exciting destinations. Or, wherever you want to go.

Through our Photography Tours to chosen destinations, enthusiasts can imbibe an extraordinary wealth of learning from a professional photographer, apart from enjoying a clinically organised trip. For those who don't need photographic lessons or are on a rigid schedule, our Personalised Vacations service offers all of Toehold's logistical expertise on your own terms. So whether you want to photograph camels in Pushkar or jaguars in the Pantanal; or go snorkeling in the waters of Andaman or spend family time in the hills of Himachal, Toehold will take you wherever your heart goes as the ideal companion in your pursuit of the perfect excursion.

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"Photography is an austere and blazing poetry of the real." – Ansel Adams

Photography is an eloquent language of self-expression and a rewarding hobby. It compels us to explore and look around us more carefully and prompts us to discover not only the world but also ourselves in the process. It makes us more human.

The 'shutter bug' is a good bug and if you are bitten by it, Toehold, with its wide range of services to help you tide over the learning curve seamlessly, is the best companion to have in your photographic growth. Our Workshops give you a sound foundation in photography so you can give shape to your lofty visions on it. Our Equipment-Rental service, which is India's first and largest, gives you access to the best photo gear at affordable prices. We create great opportunities to shoot like a pro, on our carefully planned Photography Tours, where the joy of travel and photography converge. And when your kids are ready to follow in your footsteps, we initiate them into the wonderful world of nature and photography through our special Children's Camps. Truly, a service is seldom as comprehensive.

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