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To learn photography is more than fun, it can be a powerful tool of expression; a way of discovering the world, and yourself in the process. But first, you need photography classes in which you can gain mastery over the basics and an intimate understanding of your tools. That’s exactly what our Workshops deliver through our professional photographers. So nothing stands in your way when you want to translate your glorious vision into a beautiful image.

Why go to a Toehold Workshop?

  • Experience of initiating over 9000 enthusiasts
  • Mentored by professional photographers
  • Benefit of over 100 years’ collective experience
  • Plenty of practical exercises within the classroom
  • Structured topics suited to all levels of learners
  • Free reference material after the Workshop
  • Post-Workshop support and advice
  • Certificate of participation provided
Want to be a better photographer?

Auto Mode User?

Learn about why Auto Mode is not a great idea to produce creative results.

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Online Courses

Just Launched – Toehold’s 10+ hours Online course on Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and Fundamentals of Photography.

While there’s nothing as comforting as a Toehold mentor standing by your side while you are learning the nuances of Lightroom, there’s always an option for folks who want to learn lightroom at the convenience of their study rooms, or on their mobile devices. Our 10+ hours of Adobe Lightroom Classic course is for the serious photographer who wants to take maximum advantage of the application.

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Before you begin your journey of photography it is important to build your foundation, the Fundamentals of Photography. In this series of 17 videos, we share insights on a few topics which we believe are essential to learning photography better. This is a short course recommended for an absolute beginner.

Welcome to the Fundamentals of Photography.

This online course is completely free during the lockdown period.

Upcoming Photography Workshops

Toehold’s Art and Science of Photography and Digital Filmmaking Workshops are simply the best way of getting to grips with the critical fundamentals. And these photography training sessions have their presence in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, they’re in your backyard too. Pick the one for you below. And claim your right to great photography.


Kannada Workshop - Bengaluru
Art and Science of Photography

Date: Apr 13-18, 2020

Duration: 6 Days, 90 Min a Day

4 PM / 7 PM Batches


Jayanth Sharma
Art and Science of Photography

Date: May 9-10, 2020

Duration: 2 Day


Toehold Workshop
Art and Science of Photography

Date: May 16-17, 2020

Duration: 2 Day

Upcoming Junior Photographer Workshops

We have a range of exciting Workshops for children aged between 8 and 16, on which the joy of exploring with a camera will be doubled by a mentor’s guidance.


Junior photography workshop
Junior Photographer Online Course

Date: April 8-14, 2020
Duration: 6 Days, 60 Min/Day


Junior Photography Workshop
Junior Photographer Online Course

Date: April 13-18, 2020
Duration: 6 Days, 60 Min/Day


Junior photography workshop
Junior Photographer Online Course

Date: April 15-21, 2020
Duration: 6 Days, 60 Min/Day

Customised Training Door-Delivered.

If you are a corporate company, a photography club or an individual or group wanting customised photography training at your convenience, benefit from our expertise in tailoring workshops to your requirements, as our distinguished corporate clientele testifies:

Corporates we've worked with

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