Why Do You Need This Filmmaking Workshop?

Life is in the passing. But it is also in the thieving and stowing of transient moments that are vital to us. This is why we make art. And filmmaking, depicting life in all its glorious stillness and movement, is a powerful form of storytelling, one that is universally accepted and celebrated.

In this Digital Filmmaking Workshop, you will learn all the artistic and technical details of the craft to create compelling video stories. You will understand how those aspects interact with and depend upon each other. It will empower you to eventually build your own body of work. What’s more? You will get to use filmmaking gear from Sony during the Workshop, and can buy the equipment you need at discounted prices. A weekend can’t get any better than this!

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Workshop Overview

Upcoming Workshops

Dates: March 21-22, 2020
Fees: ₹11,800 (Check Early-bird Offer)
Venue: Toehold, Jayanagar, Bengaluru. See map.

Outstanding Mentors

Award-winning filmmakers whose reputation precedes them.

Streamlined Content

Structured material and instruction to make sure you learn everything you need.

Hands-on Training

Practical exercises for every topic.

Complete Beginners Welcome

No prior knowledge of filmmaking required.

Ongoing Mentoring

Mentors at your service even after the Workshop.

What does this Workshop offer?

This Digital Filmmaking Workshop enables you to learn thoroughly all major stages of professional filmmaking, including script development, crafting a story, video shooting and editing. It leaves no stone unturned in equipping you with the necessary skills and perspective to start working on a film.

Beginning with the introduction to the craft, it delves deep into the basic elements of filmmaking – from story development to the art of cinematography and hands-on experience with shooting and editing. After this filmmaking course, your creative ideas morph into stunning films for the world to witness.

What you will be able to do after this Workshop?

Workshop Mentor

Prakash Matada

Prakash Matada


A filmmaker specializing in infomercials and documentary films, Prakash Matada has worked with many international networks like RadicalMedia, BBC, Discovery, Nat Geo, Emic Films and Animal Planet on many of their landmark series. He is a well-known name in the filmmaking fraternity as his work reaches out to multidisciplinary projects and he continues to collaborate with dedicated filmmakers, artists and organizations from across India and abroad.

Workshop Schedule

Day 1: Saturday

Introduction to filmmaking, discussion of expectations, agenda and outcomes

Concept Development
Emphasis on how to begin with an end of a story, how to make decisions on scripting, technology and delivery.

Crafting a Story
How to create a story that will entertain and engage an audience? Learning the mechanics of a moving story.

Creating a Shot List
Finding ways to visualize the story rather than just using the equipment.

Planning and Scheduling
Preparing for a good shoot that helps you conform to a specified budget.

The Five C’s of Cinematography
Learning the rules of cinematic composition to get the best output.

Elements of Exposure
What is frame rate of a camera, shutter angle, f-stop, and speed of a camera? How do they matter?

Shooting Videos with DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras
What are the settings to be followed to get the best output of video and audio?

Tools to Help You Judge Exposure
What are waveform, histogram, zebra and peaking? How are they important?

Important Gears
What are the various video cameras? What is gimbal? Why to use a follow focus? Other important tools in filmmaking.

Recording Audio
What are the different types of external microphones? How to record the sound?

Fun exercises to learn all the concepts practically.

Day 2: Sunday

A quick revision, questions and answers related to Saturday’s lessons

Introduction to Editing
How to get the best possible results from the footages?

Getting to Know the Environment of Editing Tools
A technically-advanced look at the interface of free editing tools and layouts.

Setting Up and Organising Media
Setting up the project, identifying, importing and organizing media.

Basic Editing in DaVinci Resolve
Playing and marking shots, selecting shots, setting up a sequence, adding B-roll to supplement your interviews, adding titles and transitions.

Working with Sound
Making audio level adjustments and keyframing audio with music.

Colour Correction
A brief look at the different colour correction tools.

Sharing and Exporting
Exporting project while understanding different formats, codec, resolution and colour space.

A question-and-answer session on anything related to filmmaking.

After completing the Workshop, you receive a participation e-certificate.
Apart of course from life-time access to your Mentor – you can reach out to him for guidance anytime even after the Workshop. Also, we welcome you to Toehold Network, a Facebook group where photographers share their work and interact with one another.

Workshop Fee

₹ 11,800/-

Includes lunch, tea, and applicable taxes. Payment options will be shared upon inquiry.

Early-bird Discount

Pay 10 or more days before the Workshop, and enjoy a discounted price of ₹ 10,800! Hurry!

Cancellation Policy

In the unfortunate event that you wish to cancel your booking after the payment, you will receive a credit note that can be used to avail of any of our services listed on our website, for:

  • 100% of the amount if you cancel on or before the last Monday before the Workshop,
  • 50% of the amount if you cancel between the last Monday and Thursday before the Workshop.

No credit note will be issued for cancelling after the Course begins or for failing to attend the Course without prior intimation, and no cash refunds will be made under any circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Workshop does not assume any pre-existing knowledge of filmmaking and is suitable for learners of all skill levels. You’ll be guided through the filmmaking workflow while keeping the big picture in mind. Despite all the new developments in technology, the heart of filmmaking remains unchanged: storytelling.

In simple words, a filmmaker is a storyteller. The goal of this Workshop is to empower you to tell stories that are artful, cinematic and original. This two-day filmmaking course is for a new generation of storytellers who are driven by passion, who learn by creating their own projects in an intensive and collaborative environment. This training does not assume any knowledge of filmmaking and is suitable for learners of all skill levels.

Carrying a laptop which supports DaVinci Resolve (free software) for editing is recommended. Also, a DSLR or a mirrorless camera that can record videos is recommended.

If you do not have the required camera equipment, please don’t fret; you can hire your desired equipment from our Camera Rent section.

This is a two-day indoor Workshop at the Toehold office in Jayanagar, Bengaluru. However, there will be a lot of practical activities and hands-on training on editing from the Mentor.

In addition to exercise footages, you will receive broadcast standard templates on script, shot list, logging, etc that you can always revisit and learn afresh from, all aiming at making you an effective filmmaker.

You can register for the Workshop by filling out the registration form below, or calling us on 1800-1200-901, or emailing us at workshops@toehold.in.

We have multiple payment options including online transfer, from which you may choose one as per your convenience. Details will be shared when we receive your enquiry.

If you cannot attend the Workshop after paying for it, let us know before the last Monday before the Workshop and we’ll give you a credit note for 100% of the amount, which can be used to avail of any of our services. If you let us know after the Monday but before the Thursday ahead of the Workshop, we’ll issue a credit note worth 50% of the amount. Unfortunately, if you let us know after the Thursday before the Workshop or do not inform us at all, we cannot issue a credit note, nor can we make cash refunds under any circumstances.

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