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Choosing lens from camera manufacturer only?

Is it always a good idea to buy lens of a camera manufacturer only? I mean canon lens for canon dslr of Nikon lens for Nikon dslr? Are there a good third party lenses which are a serious competition to Canon or Nikon or Sony lenses?

Hi Chinmay,

I have always preferred using the camera company make lenses ie Nikon lens for Nikon and Canon lens for Canon. The main reason is it being of the same make and also has an advantage of wider aperture compared to the third party lenses. However when buying lenses the budget also is a constraint and there are a few brilliant lenses made by Tamron and Sigma for Nikon and Canon at a cheaper price than the original make and they perform very well. The only issue I personally have faced using the third party lenses are slow focus in low light and smaller apertures.


Thanks a lot Sir for the response.

That was really helpful.