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Feedback on images

I would appreciate feedback on the attached photographs.


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Dear Palash,
Looking at the above images these thoughts come to my mind.

1. My guess is you are using a lens like a F5.6 or F6.3 may be sigma,tamron or even nikon 200-500 kind of a lens looking at the quality of the images. If that's correct - then you have done very well within your lens' limitations.

2. You are using your camera well for AF and probably you have a knack for action shots. Well done.

3. Please don't crop too much during post-processing.

4. Keep up the good work, with a better lens your shots will be really better. The whistling teal photo though is great action the focus is not on the face/bird. I also feel colour correction needs to be done on that picture as I find it having a blue color cast.

Otherwise, please let me know if you have any specific questions.

Cheers, Jayanth SharmaWildlife Photographer & CEO, Toehold +91.98861.56700

Thank you a lot for your valuable feedback.

As for the gear, I used Nikkor 200-500 mounted on Nikon D500 for these shots except for the Cormorant shot which was taken using Tamron 70-200, 2.8 mounted on the D500.

Yes I am very fond of the actions shots specially the birds in flight shots.

I have a question if I may ask you. Many photographers use aperture mode for bird photography. But to freeze the motion of wings of birds like the Coppersmith barbet or similar birds will the aperture suggested shutter speed be enough? Previously I exclusively used manual mode and in some instances shutter priority, for such shots. But of late, I have experimented using the aperture mode also and I have found that in some cases the aperture suggested shutter speed is not enough for freezing the motion of fast moving wings, specially in low lights. This may also be because of my own technical flaw. So it would be really great if you could just shed some light on it that would be helpful.

Thanks again,


Dear Palash,
I sincerely suggest you use Aperture Priority to shoot birds in flight.

While in some instances, you may feel the shutter speed it chose is slow, that's because of the ISO you gave it. In that situation increase the ISO and see how the camera will be happy to use faster speeds.

Going to TV/S for this is something I personally don't recommend. I recommend using shutter priority when you want to slow down a shot - like a waterfall blur for instance.

Cheers, Jayanth SharmaWildlife Photographer & CEO, Toehold +91.98861.56700