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For Review

Gear used - Body (Canon 1300D) Lens (Canon 55-250 Is STM)


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  1. Good focus on the kite, however I see its cropped too much and thus some grains have appeared.
  2. While processing this picture you could remove the dust spot using the spot removal tool, also do follow the rule of thirds in the composition so you could avoid keeping the subject at the centre off the frame.
  3. Good Bokeh here, the kingfisher seems slightly over saturated than how it looks, you could also make the temperature a bit cooler.
  4. You could use a faster shutter speed for composing this image as I can see the tips of the wings being a bit soft, also the focus seems to have gone a bit
  5. Gorgeous image , love the mood and even the tiny droplets of water from the feet. I would slightly increase the vibrance in this and a bit of contrast.

Thank you for your comments. However, in the kite image I have not cropped too much. This one is shoot with ISO of 800 which is quite high for canon 1300D. I think the grains have originated in the post processing after the noise reduction in Topaz de-noise.