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For review

Kindly have look on attached photographs and advise.



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Pretty sharp dove. Please try reducing the temperature of the picture. I find it a bit too warm, but this is my opinion. 🙂 feel free to ignore it.

Also do you crop images with different aspect ratios? My recommendation is present images of the same ratio. Not square somewhere, and 3:2 somewhere. Though there's no problem actually, it is just inconsistent

Please don't crop too much. Grains will start showing up clearly.
The Brahminy Duck can be cropped a bit - too much foreground without anything interesting.

For that bunting or something, please understanding how to move AF points and compose better on the field rather than keeping the subject in the middle and cropping it for composition.

The Falcon, needs to be a bit more sharper. May be try sharpening in LR or if you've cropped too much, reduce it. Good job on the exposure. You seem to be using the camera well.

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Rohit singh Rawat
Cheers, Jayanth SharmaWildlife Photographer & CEO, Toehold +91.98861.56700

Thanks for the review . Will definitely keep these valuable points in mind from now onwards.

Thanks for inspiring.