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Lightroom Catalogs and Culling related question

I have raw files of all tours since 2013, already, on my hard disk. I am planning to re arrange everything as though new, thro Lightroom.

I plan to open new catalogues, in one of these 2 ways

Year wise ( as you suggested), with folders of individual tours within it


Placewise( For photography tours) with folders of individual tours of that place within it, and one General with other personal vacation folders within that.

Your take on this, please

2) When I start the exercise of "Moving" into LR, I would like to do 2 things with photographs of each tour

a) completely kick some( am sure, many?) out of the hard disk itself as they are not even worth looking at


b) retain a few in the hard disc bit not not bring them into LR.

My question is :
From what I have understood, we can't do both together. So, do I first trash the ones that I do not want even on the hard disc itself
And then decide what I finally bring into LR ?

After I trash the unwanted raw files, I then want to create another back up in another hard disk.

Dear Nalini, that's a good question.

1. I would recommend you use, one catalog for every destination based on what you've said. That way you will have only one cat for a place like Ranthambhore. While you can use Folders to organise them based on date.
I wouldn't recommend year based catalogs for you as it makes no sense.

2. So while you have imported all images in to Lightroom and you are culling, you can flag your pictures either as Pick or Reject. There's also a Unflagged status. So here's what I suggest you do.

A: Please pick all images you'd like to have in LR.
B: Please reject all images you'd like to delete from your HDD permanently
C: Now you're left with "Unflagged" Photos in the catalog which I think should be the images you'd not want to delete from the hard disk nor keep them in the Catalog. So these files can be filtered based on "Unflagged" status and then you can simply remove them from LR while they are lying around in the hard disk.

Hope this helps!

Cheers, Jayanth Sharma Wildlife Photographer & CEO, Toehold +91.98861.56700