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Monitor Suggestions

Hello Jayanth and team,

Thanks for the LR online course, and it has helped me fine tune my skills.

Now, with work-from-home becoming new norm, I'm upgrading my home office and one of the first investment I'm planning to make is on a monitor. While reviewing monitors, photographer in me kicked-in:-) and instead of a regular monitor, now I'm planning to invest on a monitor which could server me for a long time for both office work and photo editing. Below are few, which I have looked at (but, I'm open to suggestions),

  • DELL Ultrasharp (UP2720Q)
  • LG (27UK850)
  • BENQ (specifically SW270c & SW271)
  • EZIO (ColorEdge CS2740. Looks like this is quite, not considering)

From your experience, requesting you to suggestion and guidance.

Note : I'm a Windows 10 user and due to my nature of work, currently using workstation class laptop from Lenovo (Processor, RAM and Grapic Card are of high end).

Down the line, for my photography needs, I might invest on MacbookPro.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.


Dear Srinath,
I would suggest a BenQ SW271 or 270.

I am one of the BenQ Experts and my recommendation is based on my experience and relationship with BenQ

Cheers, Jayanth Sharma Wildlife Photographer & CEO, Toehold +91.98861.56700

Hello Jayanth,

Thanks for the quick reply and good to know that someone from Bangalore is BenQ Expert.

Few generic queries,

  • Apart from sRGB, AdobeRGB, DCI parameters, what would be the preferred resolution for photo editing (Video is very minimal in my case). Is it 2K or 4K? Have been reading a bit, and most of them aren't in favor of 4K for photo Editing (for Video, it is yes).
  • Since my use would be for both office and photo editing with ~45-50hrs usage, won't there be degradation in performance of monitor

As BenQ Expert,

  • Suggest on preferred retailers in Bangalore where I could test and then pick the monitor
  • Guide me on the after sales support and services

4K or 2K monitor makes no difference to photo-editing. Even with a 4K, your picture won't fit the entire screen with modern camera's resolutions. So it is a matter of how big you'd like to see your pics while editing.

Benq India doesn't sell directly - they have distributors. Bodhi Professional Solutions Private Limited - was a company that installed mine. Please check with them if they still sell.

Cheers, Jayanth Sharma Wildlife Photographer & CEO, Toehold +91.98861.56700