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Nikon Z6 with Nikon 200-500f5.6mm lens

Dear Sir,

I am using the Nikon 200-500mm f5.6 lens with Z6(using the FTZ adaptor). I am having trouble wiht BIF shots as the camera is not focusing fast enough and tracking on birds. I have tried Dynamic-Af area and Wide AF area. AF mode is AF-C and i use Back button focusing.

Many have said that Mirrorless Z6 is not the best for BIF photogrpahy.

Kindly give your expert advice.

I am now contemplating for D500 now for bird and wildlife photography.

Also i missed your Live BIF photography session . Is it available online?

I am enjoying your Adobe LR masterclass.






Dear Vikram,

The Z6 is definitely one of the best cameras in the market currently, the issue you might be facing with fast moving subjects could be due to the limitation of the focussing speed on the 200-500 lens also. I personally use a 200-500 along with a D500 and it definitely takes a few seconds to focus the subject mid air. I assume you are able to shoot the images and your problem might have been the instant focussing here. So I would still favour the existing gear by practicing more than shifting to a new camera.

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Vikram Lone

Thanks Harsha,

Yes i am facing issues focusing on subjects mid air and some what during tracking them also.

What lens would you suggest on Z6 for BIF photography and Wildlife.

Also does the FTZ adaptor compromise the focusing speed.

I have heard the D500 is very fast to lock on targets using the 200-500mm


Jayanth Sir awaiting your expert inputs also...

FTZ Adapter won't harm too much.

Z6 is great, 200-500 is more of the problem here as Harsha says. There are many lenses, you can try lenses which are faster than 5.6 may be 180-400 or 500 f4. Hire them and try.

I sincerely suggest you do two webinars:
1: AF Masterclass
2: Bird Photography both are available at

Good luck!

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Vikram Lone
Cheers, Jayanth SharmaWildlife Photographer & CEO, Toehold +91.98861.56700

Thanks Jayanth sir and Harsha. i have seen both the sessions.

180-400 f4  and 500mmf4 both are out of my budget as of now.

Is 300m f4 ( i can use TC1.4 )on D500 a better and faster combo than Z6 + 200-500mm.

Unfortunately due to Covid renting is not an option as i am based in Nashik.
i am in talks with toehold for renting but as of now nothing for nashik.

Is that we need fast lenses like F4 to nail BIF shots always.


regards Vikram