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storing of images in jpeg

While storing jpegs in a computer or a external drives or in a cloud (onedrive/ google etc) after post-processing, what should be the ideal minimum (or maximum) file size / image size? How to decide this for a general purpose usage of a photo?

Dear Chinmay,
Thanks for asking.

I wouldn't think there's a standard here. I'll tell you what I do.

After I process pictures in LR. I export them as sRGB 100% Quality 1:1 File Sizes which I call High res pictures and store them in a folder called 300 DPI High Res. Please note the DPI is important if I want a large size image.

Now - based on what I want to do with this photograph? I can always reduce the size and store it for Instagram or Facebook or my website. So I guess this folder of mine, is of course synced with the cloud. Which means my processed and exported images are always in the cloud and I can send it to publishers and image requests quickly.

Hope that helps!

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Chinmay Dholakia
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Thank you very much for the reply.