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Want to know the Fundamentals of Photography?

Fundamentals of Photography - Know you DSLR

There’s a saying “Do not go to war with an unproven weapon”. Well, the same is also true when it comes to going out on a shoot with a camera you don’t understand how to use. We tell newbie photographers who want to learn photography that, it’s perhaps a good idea to learn about the tools one is going to use to take pictures.

Fundamentals of Photography - Raw Mode

There are a lot of advantages of capturing images in the Raw format. In fact, the reason they are named Raw is that they aren’t finished products yet, they are raw materials for a fine, finished photograph. So in this chapter on Raw Mode, you will learn some basics of image formats like JPEG and Raw and learn why serious photographers only shoot Raw.

Fundamentals of Photography - Resolution

Even experienced photographers sometimes can’t explain terms like megapixels, image resolution, dots per inch or pixels per inch and how print sizes of images can be calculated. But that’s an important lesson to learn. So in this video, you will get a thorough understanding of some of these aspects of “Image Resolution” which I think is an important thing to know.

Fundamentals of Photography - Camera Format

You must have heard from people about terms like Full Frame cameras, Crop Cameras etc. Today, it’s time to learn what these are and how they matter to image making. Have a look at this video and you will have no doubts on what Camera Format means.

Fundamentals of Photography - Focal Length

Watch this video and learn about an important parameter – Focal Length which is the most important specification of a lens. You may have heard of wide angle lenses, telephoto lenses etc – so Focal Length is what differentiates lenses into different types.

Fundamentals of Photography - Types of Lenses

Lenses are like weapons for a photographer. Every specific kind of picture may need a different type or kind of a lens. This video establishes ways in which lenses are differentiated, identified and classified. Take a look.

Fundamentals of Photography - Accessories-I

Accessories are an integral part of any photographer’s kit. This video has been split into two videos to keep it short and interesting. So here’s the first part of the Accessories video. We discuss accessories like Memory cards, bags, tripods etc.

Fundamentals of Photography - Accessories-II

Here’s the second part of the Accessories video. This time we discuss some essential filters, external flashguns, and some action cameras like GoPro.

Fundamentals of Photography - Exposure Basics

Let’s begin understanding Exposure basics. The aim of this video is to introduce the Exposure Triangle, concepts of Over, Under and Optimal exposure and also discuss exposure meter.

Fundamentals of Photography - Shutter Speed

One of the most important parameters of a shot, Shutter Speed can change the way an image turns out to be. So in this video we delve in and discuss slow and fast shutter speeds. Let’s discuss when to use what and how it affects the sharpness of an image.

Fundamentals of Photography - Aperture

Learning how the Aperture contributes to the final output of an image may be one of the most important lessons in photography. It not only affects how much light enters the camera, it also can affect Depth of Field. And that’s exactly what you are going to learn in this video.

Fundamentals of Photography - ISO

You can think of ISO as the parameter that, makes the sensor more sensitive to light if needed. Or vice versa. Take a look at this video to learn about how this matters to your picture’s exposure.

Fundamentals of Photography - Exposure Modes

Watch this video to understand how to use Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO to achieve the result you want. This video relates these parameters to the camera’s meter which ensures correct exposures.

Fundamentals of Photography - Focusing

One of the amazing things about the term Auto Focusing is completely misunderstood by many people. It still requires a lot of manual intervention to instruct the camera how to and where to focus. This video discusses this topic in detail.

Fundamentals of Photography - Compostion

Learn some basic principles of Composition and how it can enhance the technically correct photos by increasing the aesthetics quotient. In this video, we are going to understand principles like the Rule of thirds, Rule of space etc.

Fundamentals of Photography - White Balance

Sometimes, using the same settings as another person for a similar image, does not guarantee that the colours will be as good. While there could umpteen number of reasons why this could have happened, the White Balance setting in the camera is usually the first culprit. In this video, you can understand what color temperature is and how it impacts the colors of the image.

Fundamentals of Photography - Post - Processing

We believe there are a lot of misconceptions in the world of photography on this topic. In this video, you will understand what Digital Post-processing actually is and what you should expect from a software application if you shoot Raw.

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