Autofocusing Masterclass (Webinar – 90Mins)

In a world where everyone’s a photographer, some of them excel while most others are just one of the million photographers in the world. In modern-day photography, photography ‘Action’ and ‘Drama’ that unfolds in nature or the human world makes still photographers stand out of the crowd.

Today’s cameras are outstanding machines that can track a bird in flight or a cheetah chase a gazelle or simple photograph sports even by keeping the subject in focus and always tracked. Even if you aren’t photographing action, learning how to use the camera’s Autofocus system well is a skill that will take your photography to the next level.

In this webinar class, Jayanth Sharma explains all the focusing methods of the Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras today and shows us how to use what mode and when?

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Learn from ace wildlife photographer and former User Experience Designer Jayanth Sharma about the art of Autofocusing in this masterclass spanning 90minutes.

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