BW Photography (90Mins Course)

Black and white photography, unlike Wildlife, Street, Food or let’s say Sports photography isn’t limited to a specific field of endeavor, but is simply presenting images without color. So one can indulge in making such images in every genre of photography. Like the name suggests a Black and White photograph lacks color and has a wide range of grey tones ranging from absolute white to sometimes absolute black. Technically one can also call these images “Greyscale” images as there are multiple tones of grey in the image. On this 90 min webinar class let’s learn about the topics listed below.


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You are entitled to enjoy this course/recording for a year as a commitment from Toehold.

Learn from ace wildlife photographer Jayanth Sharma the Art of BW Photography in this masterclass spanning 90minutes.

What will you learn in this course?

  • BW vs Monochrome
  • Envisioning BW while photographing
  • Photographing BW Portraits, Landscapes, Wildlife and Pictorial pictures
  • Understanding ‘Tones’ while shooting
  • Using Coloured Filters in BW Photography
  • Post-processing Techniques & Converting colour to BW
  • Dissecting some inspirational work
  • Printing BW pictures


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