Exposure Metering (Recorded Webinar - 90mins)

Popular wildlife photographer Jayanth Sharma takes you through many possible ways in which one can photograph birds. From discussing ideas on Exposure, Metering, Focusing and also Compositions, this is a great intro masterclass for beginners and intermediate enthusiasts.

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Learn from ace wildlife photographer Jayanth Sharma about the techniques and tips on using the camera’s exposure metering effectively on this 90mins webinar.

Should you use Matrix Metering or Spot Metering, when should you use Exposure Compensation and what is Auto Exposure Lock? This 90-minute bundle of lessons was widely appreciated by viewers.

What will you learn in this course?

Vidya Skandan
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I am completely impressed with the way you explained the Auto exposure lock. Thanks a lot Jayanth. Very informative.
Jegan Sriragavan
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This is one of the best photography video I have seen…excellent sir.. thank you…u have cleared a lot of my doubt..
Lakshmi Srinivasan
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I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you. Your video on spot metering earlier was a turning point to me in understanding the concept. This one made everything clear, right from the basics. Will spread the word. God bless with you good health and happiness to shoot more.
Vinaya Mathews
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Thanks a lot for such a wonderful session & posting it at YT. It amazingly covered so many aspects of exposure metering in one hour. Loved all the photos shown & more than that the willingness to share how they took, with so much clarity. Thanks a lot Jayant Sharma ji.

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