Adobe Lightroom Classic - Complete Online Course

Popular wildlife photographer Jayanth Sharma takes you through every possible way one can use Adobe’s Lightroom Classic CC through its Library and Develop modules. This course is a thorough bundle of learning post-processing for a photographer of any level.

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Adobe’s Lightroom Classic is the go-to tool for both professional as well as amateur photographers worldwide. This online, yet practical course which delves into finer aspects of Lightroom is a perfect course for anyone interested in taking their photography to the next level by post-processing their photographs the right way and also taking advantage of the robust tool.

Adobe’s Lightroom Classic is the go-to tool for both professional as well as amateur photographers worldwide. This online, yet practical course which delves into finer aspects of Lightroom is a perfect course for anyone interested in taking their photography to the next level by post-processing their photographs the right way and also taking advantage of the robust tool.

Jayanth Sharma, CEO of Toehold is an Adobe Expert who has taught Lightroom for years all across India including conducting seminars in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi for Adobe itself.

The course is shot in 4K resolution with nearly 10 hours of lessons. Be a smartphone or a 4K TV you can now learn Lightroom at the easy of being in your home or office.

From the date of purchase, you are entitled to enjoy this course for a year as a commitment from Toehold.

What will you learn in this course?

Post-processing & Lightroom
  • What is processing?
  • Types of Processing
  • Requirements for processing
  • Colour Space & Monitor Calibration
  • Why Lightroom?
  • Lightroom vs Photoshop
  • XMP & Lossless Processing Using a Raw Image
  • Layer Based Processing
  • Lightroom Classic CC vs Lightroom CC
  • Installing Lightroom Classic CC
  • UI Overview
Lightroom Library Module
  • Creating Catalogs
  • Importing Pictures
  • Importing With Copy and Move
  • Importing With Add
  • One Catalog vs Many
  • Copy as DNG
  • Importing Videos Into Lightroom
  • Apply During Import
  • Keywords
  • Exercise & Conclusion
  • Discuss Previews
  • Building Previews
  • Simulate – Disconnected Catalog
  • Smart Previews
  • Customising the Library Module
  • Culling, Flagging & Choosing Pictures
  • Organising Pictures by Keywords
  • Organising Pictures by Rating
  • Organising Pictures by Colour Label
  • Searching by Attribute
  • Searching by Text
  • Sort
  • Collections
  • Quick Collection
  • Target Collection
  • Smart Collection
  • Collection vs Keywords
  • Syncing
  • Sync Metadata & Settings
  • Survey View and Compare
  • Using the Painter
  • Rotating Images
Lightroom Develop Module
  • UI of Develop Module
  • Import Exercise and Practice Files
  • Using Presets & Virtual Copy
  • B&W Landscape Preset, Vignetting Preset, and Noise Preset
  • Create and Import Preset
  • Snapshots
  • History
  • Copy and Paste
  • Colour Profile and Matching
  • White Balance / Colour Temperature and Tint
  • WB Selector Tool
  • Exposure
  • Contrast
  • Highlights, Shadows and Whites, Blacks
  • Clarity and Dehaze
  • Vibrance and Saturation
  • Tone Curve
  • Hue, Saturation, Luminance
  • Split Toning
  • Sharpening
  • Noise Reduction
  • Lens Correction
  • Transform
  • Effects Panel
  • Cropping and Straightening
  • Spot Removal
  • Grad Filter
  • Radial Filter
  • Adjustment Brush – Sharpen
  • Adjustment Brush – Exposure Correction
  • Using Lightroom with Photoshop
  • Exporting with Watermark
  • Discarding 1:1 Previews and Smart Previews
  • Catalog Backup

9 reviews for Adobe Lightroom Classic – Complete Online Course


    The method of teaching is too good that one doesnot need prior knowledge of any editing software in order to learn lightroom through this course. The course changed my perspective about post processing. I am so thankful to toehold and mr. Jayanth sharma sir for helping enthusiasts like me to become a better photographer through online courses at nominal costs.

  2. Hema Palan (verified owner)

    This course is unquestionably a great help for busy professionals like me who cannot attend long classroom sessions. Its organized in a logical manner that walks you through Lightroom in the order in which you will use it. There are many Lightroom videos available on internet but what makes this course standout is the teaching methodology by the stalwart himself. Thanks Jayanth for explaining complicated topics in a simple manner which is really helpful for beginners like me. Kudos to you and team Toehold!

  3. Shashidhar Torgal (verified owner)

    Hello sir ,
    I am half the way through the Lightroom course and the journey so far was absolutely amazing. I almost completed the library module and was awestruck by the things that Lightroom can do . You explained in and out with such a great nuances and use cases which made me swift easily throughout the course .
    The best part is the tutorials are segregated , well organized and also each video is short and informative which doesn’t make the whole process boring , infact i was curious to know what wonders Lightroom gonna make next !
    Looking forward to dive into develop module and explore things there 👌🏻😋

  4. Sharan Kumar Raghunath (verified owner)

    Just completed the course, must say it has been an excellent learning experience. This course caters to someone who is admittedly not so good with post-processing like me. Started off wondering why such a big emphasis on the library module to only later realize it’s absolutely necessary to have emphasized on it. Every minute detail of the software is covered in this course.
    Hoping to process all my future pics on Lightroom.

  5. Sumit Pawar (verified owner)

    I am glad to subscribe your Lightroom course as its perfect for beginners like me to know its advanced features. As previously I was using Adobe Photoshop, but due to lack of knowledge I was hesitating to use Lightroom.

  6. Trilok Singh (verified owner)

    It is unbelievable that a tutorial like this could be launched. I have subscribed and have started seeing the tutorial and I am amazed with the way it covers each and every aspect of Photo Editing. I have been working on photography software for 4-5 years now but have never come across any tutorial which covers the course in this much detail. This tutorial is indeed a boon for people like me who are keen to learn all the aspects of photo editing. The effort you have put in developing this tutorial is really commendable.

    You can certainly count on me to recommend this tutorial to everyone who is willing to learn the same.

  7. INDERJIT SINGH (verified owner)

    I have almost completed the course once and I will repeat it 3-4 times. You are right the library module is slightly tough. I already knew most of the develop module but I was not using Library module as taught by you. Yes, it has helped me understand the Library module very well. Thanks for making such a complete course in a very easy to understand method. Kindly add some videos regarding some hidden features in lightroom, like crop overlay under crop module. I think that will make it more solid and like how to duplicate the radial filter. Thanks once again for helping many people like me.

  8. drvidyashankar (verified owner)

    Completed LR course have done great job and very lucid in understanding LR .you have made it very simple 👏👏

  9. Santosh Solomon (verified owner)

    At the outset I am very happy and content that I subscribed to this Lightroom course and made effective use of the lockdown period.

    Though I have had some years of Lightroom experience (self-taught) and a few online videos, I realised much early into your Lightroom course that I was not systematic in my workflow. You have put in a lot of effort on the Library modules and it clearly shows that if we invest some effort and time in keywording, stacking, flagging and colour labelling our photos during the import of photos, it makes the rest of the workflow in the Develop section a much more easier task. I must admit I never used to know such features existed and realised its potential when I actually started to implement these functionalities so well-taught in this course.

    The importance of individual catalogs and also the smart use of Collections really made me realise how much I should have learnt Lightroom in the right way much earlier.

    The course is well structured, sequential and not in one place did I experience that the details were overlooked/skipped.

    Thank you for your passionate efforts and I am much more confident with the LR processing experience. I have already noticed so much difference in the images that I’ve experimented with the newly acquired skills.

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