Allured by Avian Beauty: Srihari Krishnamurthy

Pied Kingfisher

When the photographer in you catches up with the explorer that you already are, then every moment of anticipation brings a bit of the future to the present, so that you fail not to freeze it into a frame.

Srihari Krishnamurthy, a long-time Toehold patron, is a devoted lover of nature who knows how to use his camera in different climatic and natural conditions to make some finest memories in the form of pictures.

Srihari has been scaling the heights of different mountains in India and abroad since 1984. His passion for trekking has led him to the Himalayas, Kilimanjaro, and the Swiss Alps among several other summits. Travelling is his calling, and Srihari makes sure that he visits any place for which his heart pines, in any season.

After buying a DSLR to make his photographic expression more spectacular, Srihari’s relationship with Toehold commenced. He says that the quality of his pictures has considerably increased after being mentored by the Toehold masters, especially during Photo Tours.

I ensure that I understand the significance of each place I go to.

In his own words: “Although I enjoy photographing beautiful landscapes, my first love has always been the avian world. Most of the Photo Tours I have been on with Toehold have been birding tours, but I also travel extensively on my own. I have travelled to many parts of Europe and Africa, including Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. And I ensure that I understand the significance of each place I go to.”

But photography to him is not merely a way to collect memories.

“To me, photography is also a medium through which I try to understand the behaviour of animals in remote places and their natural habitat, and their ways of interaction with human beings,” he elucidates.



Srihari is also associated with an NGO called Parisara, which works towards creating environmental awareness, especially in children. In his spare time, he visits different schools with the NGO and explains various facts about the environment to both teachers and students. He uses his own photos so that the visual representation of the facts kindle interest in the little minds and make them learn with more interest and passion.

A man of fewer words than deeds, Srihari has many passions, and believes in living life to the fullest. And his love for birds is evident in the way his photos depict the grandeur of the avian world in all its dizzyingly extravagant hues.


Srihari Krishnamurthy
Srihari Krishnamurthy