Sixteen of the Year’s Best Client Images

On World Photography Day, here are some of the most evocative images our Photo Tour clients have made in the past year!


© Manju Mohan


A serene spot-lit image of the Indian grey heron that Manju Mohan managed to make on Bharatpur Photography Tour as the bird seemed to emerge from the dark background, as it were, kindling the imagination of the beholder.


© Surej Nair


Making images of creatures of the wild when their breathtaking natural habitats are soaked in the immutable glory of early morning gold is a unique experience. And Surej Nair lived every bit of it in Ranganathittu as a pelican flew over shining waters.


© Ankit Bhat


We wonder if there can ever be just one image that captures the essence of Varanasi. With multitudes of experiences and sights and aromas to overwhelm a seeking mind, the place makes this failure sweet. Ankit Bhat captures this stunning image while wandering on the streets of this ancient but continuously inhabited Indian town.



© Sheila Verghis


A female jaguar waiting for the waters to bring caimans along gazes at her admirers sailing on a boat on the same tranquil river in the Pantanal and Sheila Verghis didn’t miss a chance to freeze that magical moment for always.


© Manish Mandhyan


This Mrs. Hume’s pheasant in Thailand was a quiet beauty on the forest floor, and her hues harmoniously blending with her surroundings are captured beautifully by Manish Mandhyan.



© Sanjay Keswani


This striped cat walking head-on in the beautiful forest of Corbett made its worshippers go quiet in awe. And such a silent, significant moment was captured by Sanjay Keswani as an evocative portrait.



© Jagadeeshwaran


On our Big Cat Week Wildlife Photography Tour to Kenya, Jagdeeshwaran was all eyes for both fierce and tender moments in the wild. And one such heartwarming, gentle moment with these two lion cubs was frozen, keeping all the innocence intact.



© Zhayynn James


Golden light on the verge of becoming crimson… like the entire world was contemplating this transition, along with this rhino in Kaziranga. And Zhayynn James didn’t miss the opportunity to capture the exoticism of this alteration.


© Shaji Mohammed


In the far east – Kamchatka in Russia – many a brown bear is bound to inspire its observers to make art. Shaji Mohammed grabbed his chance to capture this bear with a kill in its mouth with the snow-kissed mountain in the background softened like a dream.


© Sushmitha Reddy


Iceland, a place where contradictions of nature come together, brims with varied natural beauty. Sushmitha Reddy made this slow-shutter-speed image where water seems to be kissing icy rocks in their silken flow, fierceness meeting mildness made possible by photography.


© Vinay Lakshman


Svalbard, where the definition of solitude keeps getting rewritten, is as surreal a place as it can get. A polar bear on the piece of land edged by water on one side and icy elevations on the other brings heartening movement in the stillness, captured in subtle hues by Vinay Lakshman.


© Vishwanath Jadhav


A tiger stands like a dream in high grass, the feline presence bringing trance-like power to the whole image. Vishwanath Jadhav managed to capture this image, redolent of the beauty of both the subject and its natural habitat in Ranthambhore.


© Zhayynn James


The rare tree-climbing lions of Tanzania! Zhayynn James preserved this special moment in the Serengeti National Park where the beautifully contrasting forest-green and sky-blue is in enviable harmony with the grand presence of the two lionesses on a treebranch!


© Jithesh Purushottaman


One of the most-loved tigers of India, Munna, walks head-on. His awe-inspiring gait and soul-piercing stare against the backdrop of the breathing forest is captured in all glory by Jithesh Purushottaman on our Kanha Photography Tour in November 2016.


© Uzma Shuja


A mammal marvel chasing an avian wonder! A moment in the wild from the May 2017 Bandhavgarh Photography Tour tells of the rules of life in nature in which man’s definitions of ‘fair’ and ‘unfair’ don’t exist. If the bird is blessed, so is the tigress chasing her… graceful even in attacking.



© Sylvester Correa


Under an amber evening sky walks Coke’s hartebeest in the expansive savannahs of Kenya. Sylvester Correa makes a striking silhouette of this pretty antelope, with one of its forelimbs in the air, capturing the promise of the next step forward.


© Rajiv Ramanathan


Here’s some sensory overload packed in one image! As though watching one tiger wasn’t enough, here’s a couple… and the couple mating… and the calm waters reflecting their growl and passion. Rajiv Ramanathan made this image on Ranthambhore Photography Tour, a storyteller by itself.

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Vishwanath Jadhav
Vishwanath Jadhav
3 years ago

Thank you Toehold it’s been always a pleasure touring with you…

3 years ago

I have submit some photos for contest, pls give details

Kalpana Tandon
Kalpana Tandon
3 years ago

Very nice photo gallery (world photography day). The tour which we took with Toehold last year was memorable, looking forward to some more tours with them in coming future

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