Five More High-Altitude Lake Treks You Must Do When You Still Can

Let not the wanderlust in you subside for any reason whatsoever. Following up on the five high-altitude lake treks we introduced you earlier, here are five more reasons you should pack your bags and get into the skin of a wanderer.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

In the Kullu Valley are many glacial lakes, and towards the east of the Rohtang pass is one called Bhrigu Lake. Its gorgeous shade of blue in summer and the sublime look it acquires in the the snow in winter make it one of the best lake treks in the country in any season you’d want to travel.

Trek through the forests from Gulaba to camping grounds at Rola Kholi where you will pass through villages untainted by the woes of urbanisation to reach Bhrigu Lake. You will also get to see pasture lands spreading far and wide, and clear streams and apple orchards for your eyes to feast on. As you climb up to higher altitudes, Kullu Valley looks more surreal in changing light and height. And at the foot of hills enveloped by mute white snow is the Bhrigu Lake. It’s time you live what your imagination is showing you right now!

Satopanth Tal Trek

Wondering how even almost-same stories can still lure you into watching them in real? We are, too! So, you can go to Satopanth Tal in Uttarakhand, which is also found at the foot of many a hill that surrounds it, and let us know how utterly different it was to be at the lake that also has religious significance to it.

People of Mana village throw the ashes of the dead in Satopanth lake. It is also a popular belief among the locals that Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva descend from the heavens on a particular holy day to bathe in the waters of this Tal. Rare birds visit the lake and pick up the pollutants, indirectly helping in keeping the lake clean, and people believe that the birds are Gandharvas (husbands of the Apsaras according to Hindu mythology) in disguise! So, when you go on the Satopanth Lake trek, we are eager to know what stories you might bring back!

Kareri Lake Trek

Where the earth is blanketed by lush green pastures that are studded by boulders like they were precious gems for decoration, where many ponds, wild flowers and streams generously treat your senses and the vagrant soul, where mist rolls over meadows and villages, is where the glacial lake, Kareri Dal, lies in peace.

The elliptical glacial lake that Kareri Dal is, sits between the hills of Dhauladhar. There are many local settlements in the Kareri village and your trek can be enriching not only in terms of nature but also ethnography. Pack your bags already! This could be the perfect trek you are looking for in the Himalayas this season.


Samiti Lake Trek

Even in the thin air, the romantic in you is bound to be overwhelmed. At 14,000 feet on the popular Goechala trek is the Samiti lake is whose bizarre-but-beautiful waters will haunt you in the day, and you can only imagine how the night sky would be reflected on its spotless surface.

It is known that even up close, the colour of Samiti Lake is the same luminous turquoise as it appears from far away, which allows you a clear look into the very bottom of it. There is glory in yielding to such beauty and letting the lake ensnare your senses.


Chandra Tal Lake Trek

Situated among the Spiti mountains of scree and valleys is the Lake of the Moon, or Chandra Tal in Hindi, called so because of the crescent shape it lies in. This is the ideal vacation for a trekker or camper, and the lake is also accessible through a motorable road.

Alpine meadows around the lake, and if you’re fortunate, the crescent Chandra Tal reflecting a sickle moon can paint a beautiful memory on your mind, something so timeless that your ideas of the past, present and future can be all warped into a forever.

Well, the saga of the lakes in high altitudes doesn’t end here, dear trekker. We shall be soon back with the Great Lakes Trek that you can go on in Kashmir. Don’t blame us, because the world is indeed unbearably beautiful if you just know where to go.

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