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[…] The legendary tigers of the South from the early 2000s include Bandipur giants like Gauri and the Aralikatte Male, but the past decade has seen a tremendous surge in tiger activity in Kabini, while the beautifully interconnected network of roads makes it easy to track India’s most prolific cat, the Bengal Tiger. The expansive forests are home to some of the highly popularised Tiger families, including the Tiger Tank family of Tigers, the Backwater family, the Russell Line family and the Temple family. The reigning Tigers of Kabini are impressively bold, often walking head-on towards the jeeps, prowling through the forests, marking their territory, scowling as they take in the scent of the other tigers in the area, and some of our tour groups have been fortunate enough to even sight massive tigers brawling for territory, or even hunting. If you want to read our Skipper’s account of our recent tour to Kabini, check out the Kabini Trip Report! […]

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