Sentient Snippets: Week 6

This week on Sentient Snippets: sublime sights, sleeping beauties, dead stones, muted tones, and a spectrum of emotions.


By the savagely beautiful folds of hillocks, under a colourful riot that the sky is, is a meditating lake. How vast the spectrum of your emotions can get between the contained being of this water body and the colourful chaos of the world around it? Or does it simply and sweetly become a blot of gratitude for the very existence of yours on this beautiful, beautiful planet that still allows us such liberation in spite of all the damage we do to it.

Anaimalai Hills, by Phillip Ross

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When the coy bends of the forest paths augur deeper mysteries of the forest, somewhere is a sleeping, striped wonder oblivious to what thoughts are being birthed in your mind.  One must speak not with raised voices: waking this striped beauty from his dreamy slumber might not be a good idea. Watching, preserving this moment instead, and moving on, quietly, is the way to all-round bliss.

Sleeping tiger, Bandhavgarh, by Sachin Rai

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How many sunsets and sunrises have these boulders and architectural ruins witnessed year after year, century after century? Let melancholy become the weather of your heart as you watch the weather-worn Hampi still bringing its glory back whenever your heart longs for it, whenever time warps in your mind and the past and the present mingle like the mingling of your breath and the wind atop the hills of Hampe, whenever being itself becomes an acute experience.

Hampi, by Neeta Shankar

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The paint of this ancient monument peels off, weary of time, flayed by it all too quietly. And we bring you this sight of a feline form that the corridors house in monochrome, devoid of the tangerine and turmeric twinge of the evening, so that beauty pangs aren’t intensified with colours! Exaggeration? We hope severe beauty such as this happens to you too, when you are here!

Tiger in ancient monument, Ranthambhore National Park, by Jayanth Sharma.

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A bit of burnt sienna, under the spell of umber and a tinge of ochre, dissolving into and surfacing from one another. And then, he emerges: a form so clear and so sublime at the same time; he has to be a memory that begs to take a form too. And an image like this is birthed. A sublime sight, like a magic spell that can spool stirring emotions out of its frozen state, only to put you back into the warmth of the moment where it all began.

Lion, Masai Mara, by Sachin Rai

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