Tiger, Kabini

Trumpet March 2019

In this month’s Trumpet, we bring you both – experiences we lived in February and those what we will live in the coming months, hopefully with you walking beside us on our journeys.

Lioness Cubs, Kenya

Trumpet February 2019

Toehold TrumpetFebruary 2019 Hello! January was for nostalgic considerations but auspicious as beginnings are prayed to be. Its voice thick with time brought some illuminating learnings for us on our journeys. We have returned, like always, for sharing. And to tell you of the experiences we have been looking forward to on our future expeditions.…

Trumpet January 2019 slider

Trumpet January 2019

Toehold TrumpetJanuary 2019 Hello! December gave us so much. The Xmas month was for mist-embraced, snowy travel experiences, warm enough for our wanderer-hearts to beat in joy in the Christmassy cold. And so we shall go on being grateful like we always have, and so we shall go on sharing stories of the past and…

Trumpet December 2018

Toehold TrumpetDecember 2018 November was for our hearts filled with wonder. November was for our uninhibited love for the world. November was for our grand plans for the months to come: for our sun-drenched dreams of travel and photography. And we will tell you all about it here. Come to this microcosm we inhabit. Come…