Tigers of Bandhavgarh: Spotty

Bandhavgarh has been one of our most beloved tiger destinations. And we have had the fortune of following the lifestories of individual tigers over the years. In this series, we share with you what we have learned about the current feline beauties from our frequent visits to this national park.


Spotty - Bandhavgarh tiger

Today’s featured tigress is Spotty, probably Bandhavgarh’s most famous tigress right now.


Spotty, Bandhavgarh tigress

Bold and beautiful, she is seen mostly in the southern end of Tala.


Spot-T - Spotty, Bandhavgarh tiger

Spotty’s name derives from the ’T’ mark above her right eye. (‘Spotty’ is a corruption of ‘Spot-T’)


Sukhi Pateeha female, Bandhavgarh tiger

She is the daughter of another of our favourites, the Sukhi Pateeha female.


Blue Eyes, Bandhavgarh tiger

Her father was the handsome Blue Eyes.


Spotty, the Bandhavgarh tiger

Spotty is around six years old. She was born in mid-2012 after Blue Eyes killed Pateeha’s first-litter cubs and sired his own litter.


Dotty, Bandhavgarh tiger

Spotty shares her litter with a sister, Dotty.


Mirchani, a Bandhavgarh tiger

In 2015, Spotty ousted the Mirchahni female and took over much of her home range.


Spotty tiger litter, Bandhavgarh

She then had a litter of three females. They’re all grown up now and moved on.


Mangu, Bandhavgarh tiger

Her mate is Mangu, the dominant male of Tala.


Bandhavgarh tiger Spotty

Spotty had a second litter in October 2018. A legend in the making, she promises to be the torchbearer of Bandhavgarh for a long time to come.

This is the first of a six-part series on the tigers of Bandhavgarh. To read the second part on the Banbehi Female, click here.

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