Amazon Shutterbug Photography Club: Toehold Collaborates with Amazon India!

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We are pleased and proud to have partnered with Amazon India in its visionary initiative to bring photographers in India together on a common platform via Shutterbug.

Being a company founded and run by award-winning, globetrotting photographers, getting videos on photography, featuring our CEO Jayanth Sharma, rolled out has been an endeavour of great fun and learning. We’ve known the unparalleled joy of sharing knowledge through our own Photography Workshops conducted by our very own Toehold Academy. And Amazon Shutterbug has been a great leap in our journey on a path we’ve already treaded for years.

Empowering Amazon India’s Photography Club with our content at present will be followed up by monthly videos, events, workshops and contents – all on photography. This will enable photography enthusiasts all over the country to learn the art and science of photography from the best in the business.

With people across the globe becoming increasingly passionate about the art of photography and sharing their work on various social media like Facebook and Instagram, Shutterbug is a timely idea that will bring enthusiasts and experts alike on one single platform where ideas are shared and exchanged.

And we at Toehold couldn’t be happier to interact and enable more and more people in the coming days to indulge in their interest. Our content – a mix of tips and tutorials – available online will continue to hone your passion, and Shutterbug will also be a platform where you can showcase your photography skills by participating in exciting contests.
We hope that you will continue to be a part of this amazing journey and explore as many of the endless territories of creativity as possible with us. And Shutterbug is only the beginning, a clairvoyant that augurs more learning and thus more joy.

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