The New Indian Express, 23 January 2018

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Toehold is a One-stop Answer for All Travel and Photography Enthusiasts, says Jayanth Sharma: The New Indian Express, 23 January 2018

If you are a travel or photography enthusiast, it is a known fact that there are a lot of challenges lying ahead of you. From where and how to learn photography, how to travel to the best destinations and optimise your experience to how to access the best cameras and lenses without breaking the bank, the areas where you may need assistance with is plenty.

Toehold, the Bengaluru-based travel-and-photography company, has launched its first ever digital campaign #TriptoClick, to showcase the wonders of combining travel and photography.

In order to inspire the budding photographers to explore the world, the campaign features a digital video commercial comprising footage captured by Toehold’s own photography maestros on various expeditions across the world.


The company, founded in 2010, offers photo tours for the enthusiasts that provide mentorship by some of the world’s best photographers, where they will get to hone their photography skills. Handpicked and planned in a way that allows travelers to experience the thrill of capturing nature firsthand, Toehold’s tour destinations, varying from Kaziranga to Costa Rica, Gir to Iceland and Corbett to Kamchatka are chosen and led by Toehold co-founder Jayanth Sharma and COO Sachin Rai, who are award-winning professional photographers.

Jayanth Sharma

“Toehold was born out of a dream to be a one-stop answer to all the problems and needs that any aspiring photographer or travel enthusiast any have. So we created a company which would train a photography beginner on the basic and advanced aspects of the art and science of photography,” says Jayanth Sharma while mentioning that the company, till now, has trained over 9000 photography enthusiasts and led tours to over 60 destinations.

“My personal thirst for exploring a new place often leads to the creation of a Tour plan to that new destination, with which I get to help people experience what I had experienced. Also, mentoring people allows me to stay on top of my photography skills. I believe that there should always be time for the things you love,” added Jayanth who is also a Carnatic singer.

The tours and workshops at Toehold are conceived and delivered by photographers who are immensely passionate about it. Apart from training enthusiasts on the nuts and bolts of photography, the trainers also guide them through their artistic and often self-exploratory journey through it.

“Beyond the obvious, I believe travel opens enhances your intellectual and emotional inclusiveness. It reduces your sense of discrimination and enables you to see our commonalities rather than differences. And every day spent traveling makes you appreciate the mystery, wonder, and beauty with which the world abounds, just that little bit more,” added Jayanth.

Toehold will be promoting the campaign across different social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on the company’s channels and handles.

SourceThe New Indian Express – Indulge

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