Toehold Kids Events
Toehold's Kids Events combine the pleasures of travel and the treasures of learning in a riotous experience on our unmatched Camps and Workshops for Children. So a love for Nature and art is imbibed in them from a tender age. And mentored by Phillip Ross - the biggest hit with children since Robin Williams - they pave the way for your child to blossom into a green citizen!
Why go to a Toehold Kids Event?
  • Effortlessly educational and immensely fun
  • Toehold's rich experience in mentoring kids
  • Events specially designed for kids
  • Safety and wellbeing of kids assured
  • Plenty of games and practical exercises
  • Structed topics suited to all accommodated ages
  • Guidance of master photographer Phillip Ross
What participants had to say

A Dasara with a Difference
Want to make your child's Dasara different and memorable? We certainly do.

That's why we have a range of exciting Camps and Workshops for children aged between 10 and 16, on which the joy of exploring the wild with a camera will be doubled by a mentor's guidance. Holiday happiness will now hit your little one with full strength, the Toehold way.

Here's the plate of confectionary substitutes we've laid out to spoil you for choice. Take your pick and make your child's Dasara sweet and festive in an all-new way!

Young Photographer Workshop
OCT 20-21, 2018  (2D)
Skipper: Phillip Ross

Toehold's Young Photographer Workshop is a perfect platform for children to gain the initial impetus and enter the wonderful world of photography.
OPEN - Seats available