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Pushkar, Rajasthan Pushkar, Rajasthan Pushkar, Rajasthan

Pushkar, Rajasthan
28 to 31 October 2017
Bookings Closed: Please note that bookings for this Tour have been closed. Please get in touch with us if you have questions.


  • A three-night/four-day exclusive experience in one of the most ancient cities of India
  • A soul-enriching exploration and photographic journey during the world-famous annual fair
  • A productively satisfying time enjoying travel photography
  • Extensive photography learning under the guidance of accomplished experts
  • A wide spectrum of stunning events and experiences worth cherishing for always

D This is a Toehold Special Toureep in the ancient Indian soil rests many a tale that sings of everything human and divine when you stir it up.

This Tour is an effort to gently brush aside the sands of time and experience the ageless beauty of Pushkar.

How is it?

Cradled by hills that roll far out into the horizon, Pushkar is a city of temples and stories of staggering ancientness — including those of the Trimurti. It is the one of the very few places where the deity Brahma is worshipped. Located in Ajmer, a district in the Indian state of Rajasthan, Pushkar is one of the five most sacred pilgrimage sites, and attracts travellers from across the globe, especially for its annual Camel Fair.

On the shore of Pushkar Lake lies one of India's oldest cities. Legend has it that Lord Shiva wept so much over the demise of his wife, Sati, that his tears created one 'Pushkara' (Sanskrit for lake) at Ajmer, and another at Ketaksha. While the origin of the lake is associated with the God of Destruction and Transformation within the Trimurti, the origin of the city is associated with the God of Creation, Brahma.

Considered a holy lake by Hindus, the Pushkar Lake has found mention on coins as ancient as the 4th century BC. Surrounded by 52 bathing ghats and 500 Hindu temples, the lake attracts large numbers of pilgrims for a sacred bath, especially during Kartik Poornima. The view of the lake and the city from above the hills can be a breathtaking experience.

One of the world's largest camel and livestock fairs, the annual Pushkar Fair is a major tourist attraction where men buy and sell camels, cows, sheep and goats. It is during this time we venture into this sacred town, to take in all the bustling activity and to make images that we cannot make anywhere else in the world.

What you will see and photograph:

The core focus of the Tour is on witnessing and capturing the grandiose affair of the Pushkar Camel Fair or Pushkar ka mela, where we will, amidst chaos, try to capture the stillness only a photograph can replicate even as the moods are as vibrant and exuberant as they can get. A silhouette of a camel against a sky drifting into sleep, a gentle gold sky above the golden sands of Rajasthan, portraits of villagers whose faces tell you stories that never need language, women dancing in whirling, vibrant skirts; men with their turbans and dhotis...these are some of the many moments of magic you will get to live and save for later to reminisce about.

Amidst all this, you will witness how the Pushkar Lake stands calmly day after day, night after night, doing nothing if not reflecting the world (or however much it can contain of it) making even the most still, resolute things shake gently in its rippling waters, while its banks throb with activity, with music, dance, joy, bargaining, and all moods festive. You can make images of this conflicting sight, and if the sky is a riot of colours when you are there, you have more reasons to be grateful for.

For when you're in Pushkar, there's no other place you'd rather be.



At Toehold, we are passionate about photography just as you are, which lets us understand your travails and needs perfectly. And we use this insight to specially design our Photography Tours so they give you a toehold to excel at the art and set you up for success.

The Toehold team at your disposal will keep you tuned and geared, so you come in empty-handed but go out with bagful of images and tales of an experience that is better lived than heard.

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    Please note: This Tour begins at Pushkar at around 11:00 a.m. on 28 October, and ends at Pushkar after breakfast on 31 October. Participants may choose to reach Pushkar by either air or road depending on their preference, but transport between your home and our hotel in Pushkar is NOT included in the Tour itinerary or cost. However, all required assistance will be duly provided.

  •   DAY 1    28 October 2017, Saturday: Arrival and Checkin; Overnight in Pushkar

    Upon arrival, participants are checked into the lodge. After lunch that day, there will be a briefing session on the city and photography and the Tour agenda by the Skipper. In the evening, we will set out for our first evening photography session at the fair.

  •   DAYS 2 and 3    29 and 30 October, Sunday and Monday: Morning and Evening Photography Sessions at the Fair

    These two days, we spend mornings and evenings at the Pushkar Fair, exploring newer, more innovative ways of making pictures, to find stillness amidst vibrant chaos. These will be interspersed with highly insightful sessions on photography by the Skipper. The evening sessions will be followed by a delicious dinner, before we retire for the night with dreams of vibrance.

  •   DAY 4    31 October 2017, Tuesday: Departure from Pushkar

    There will be a photography session at the Fair in the morning, followed by an image review session. We will checkout in the afternoon and return home with great storytelling photos.

INR 33,600
5% GST Extra
Per Person on Twin Share Accommodation
INR 65,100
5% GST Extra
Per Couple on Twin Share Accommodation
Toehold Patrons
INR 32,000
5% GST Extra
Per Person on Twin Share Accommodation
Toehold Patrons: Customers who have participated in at least three previous Toehold Photo Tours
Foreign Nationals: Please write to us for a quote.

  • Twin-sharing accommodation in comfortable hotels
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and hot beverages (coffee and tea)
  • Permits and photography fees
  • All airfare
  • Transfer expenses between your home and Pushkar
  • Any kind of personal expenses or optional tours, extra meals and beverages ordered
  • Insurance, laundry and phone calls
  • Bottled water and soft drinks
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • All applicable taxes
  • Anything that is not included in the inclusions list
Payment Terms
  • At least 50% of the Tour fee at registration for provisional reservation

  • Remainder (100%) latest by 21 August 2017
Cancellation Fees
  • 25% on or before 28 August 2017
  • 50% between 29 August and 7 September 2017
  • 75% between 8 and 22 September 2017
  • 100% on or after 23 September 2017

Please note: The date of written (email) communication of intent to cancel is the date considered for calculation of the cancellation fees.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Participants who have a medical history of blood pressure, heart-related problems or asthma are advised to seek medical advice before enrolling for this Tour.
  2. Fitness to complete the Tour is the only criterion for participation.
  3. Toehold Travel & Photography Pvt Ltd. shall not be responsible for injuries, damages, or losses caused to any traveller in connection with terrorist activities, social or labour unrest, mechanical or construction failures or difficulties, diseases, local laws, climatic conditions, abnormal conditions or developments, or any other actions, omissions, or conditions outside the travel partner's control.
  4. All clients travelling with Toehold Travel & Photography Pvt Ltd. must complete and sign a reservation form and the "Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk & Arbitration Agreement" form.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the requisites to participate in this Tour?

    Apart from interest in travel, a minimum level of fitness is essential. If you're unsure of your fitness or suffer from a known illness, please consult your physician before signing up for this Tour.
  • Why is fitness required for this Tour?

    A minimum level of fitness is essential as we explore Pushkar on foot.
  • Who can be a part of this Tour?

    Any individual above the age of 18 (unless accompanied by a parent or guardian) who has the requisite fitness to complete the Tour can participate.
  • What equipment do you suggest on this Tour?

    A good wide-angle or ultra-wide-angle lens is a must (10mm to 18mm on crop sensor, or 14mm to 28mm on full frame). A short or medium fixed telephoto or zoom lens will help you make 'compressed landscape' images, abstracts and candid people or street photography (70mm to 200mm). You may also bring along a portrait lens, such as a 50mm, 35mm or 85mm lens, to make high-quality portraiture. A full-frame (35mm) camera with compatible wide-angle and fisheye lenses will allow you to make the most of the opportunities. If you do not have appropriate equipment, there is no need to fret. Toehold offers an exhaustive array of cameras and lenses for hire, so you can always hire what you need. Click here to see what we offer.
  • How different are your Photo Tours from ordinary tours?

    Unlike travel agents who plan your holiday from a remote destination to places they sometimes haven't experienced themselves, Photo Tours offer a comprehensive toehold to experience a place through the guidance of a professional photographer. The common ingredients in all our Photo Tours are fun and a lot of learning and knowledge sharing. Besides, most or all of our Tour participants are photography enthusiasts, which keeps the group in harmony and helps make your experience focussed.
  • I am a newbie in travel photography. Am I eligible?

    Absolutely! This Tour is meant for fledgling as well as experienced photographers. Beginners get all the advantages of learning on and off the field from Toehold's eminent Skippers. In fact if you are a newbie, you should jump on this terrific learning opportunity and sign up right away!

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Pushkar, Rajasthan


  • Date: 28 to 31 October 2017

  • Tour Cost:

    Indian Individuals:
    INR 33,600 + 5% GST
    Per person

    Indian Couples:
    INR 67,200 65,100 + 5% GST
    Per couple

    Toehold Patrons:
    INR 32,000 + 5% GST
    Per person

  • Skipper: Rajiv Shyamsundar

    All fares excluding transport to and from Pushkar.


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