Wild Vistas - Journeys with Jungle Lodges & Resorts Wild Vistas - Journeys with Jungle Lodges & Resorts

Wild Vistas by Kunal Sharma & N.D Tiwari

Wild Vistas - Journeys with Jungle Lodges and Resorts (JLR) is a commemorative book on the successful completion of thirty years of yeomen service in the field of ecotourism in Karnataka. One of the pioneers of ecotourism in India, JLR started operations in 1980 with a vision to promote ecologically sound tourism in wildlife destinations across Karnataka. Over these years, JLR has set high standards. The book is an attempt to document this journey. We hope that the informative articles and stunning photographs by experienced photographers from across the state will be enjoyed and treasured by one and all.

Tourism in India and in much of the developing world stands at a crossroad today. As an exciting growth multiplier, it is likely to provide a key push to the local economy in the coming years. India which received a mere trickle of inward bound travellers previous, has now become a favoured option and is all set to witness a boom in inbound tourism. Forests, beaches and temples abound together with an eclectic mix of wildlife, eco, adventure, cultural and medical tourism options.

Well known photographers associated with JLR were approached for the natural wealth of the state of Karnataka. The book provides an excellent collection of evocative photographs and guest columns from those who have been part of the journey of JLR and supported it throughout.

  • Kunal Sharma's Wild Vistas is a treasure trove of nature's bounties in Karnataka
    - The Hindu

Additional Information

  • Authors: Kunal Sharma & N.D Tiwari
  • Publisher: Jungle Lodges & Resorts Ltd.
  • Language: English
  • Classification: Eco Tourism
  • ISBN-10: 978-81-909836-0-0

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Reviews on Wild Vistas Book

  • Some pictures speak a thousand words; others leave you at a loss for words. The yawn of a tiger, the art of a weaverbird, the kill of a leopard, the feed of a frog, the call of the wild- you can attribute some pictures to serendipity, the others to long hours, days, months and years in the jungle. "Wild Vistas" is an elaborate collection of evocative pictures, descriptive experiences and moments that are truly wild.
    Read Full Review on the Hindu Website
    - Shalini Satish, The Hindu

  • Excellent photography and high production values combine to make this a "must have" book. It serves as an archive of wildlife conservation in Karnataka. The text champions the strategy of using eco-tourism to conserve nature: "The dilemma for us is to reconcile the principles of ecotourism, while being flexible enough to appreciate the fact that standards on ecotourism continue to develop."
    Read Full Review on the Sanctuary Asia, Website
    - Bittu Sahgal, Sanctuary Asia Magazine

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