As India's No. 1 Travel-and-Photography Company, Toehold is your one-stop shop for all your travel and photography needs. Here's a look at all our services you can take advantage of on your journey, all the way to the summit.

Photography Workshops
Photography can be a truly rewarding experience - one that adds a spark to life by opening up your creative side. And if you are smitten by it, Toehold's highly popular Photography Workshops offer you the perfect start to your journey.

Mentored by our illustrious team of professional photographers in a highly interactive and practical environment in all major cities in India, our Basics of Photography and Digital Post-Processing Workshops impart the knowledge and experience gleaned over years of dedication and practice over just a weekend, right in your backyard.
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Photography Tours
Toehold offers topical group excursions to various places including some of the greatest natural and wildlife hotspots, with domestic Tours to the best destinations and an international calendar featuring both popular places as well as little-photographed far corners of the globe.

For photography enthusiasts keen to make the most of a vacation, Toehold Tours, which combine extensive learning with intensive fun, are the perfect answer. Unlike tours organised by travel agents to places they haven't even visited, Toehold Tours are meticulously planned excursions to carefully chosen locations at appropriate times for maximum photo opportunities, all in the company of Toehold's professional photographers, whose knowledge of the place is immense and love for it intimate.
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Equipment Rentals
As India's first and finest photographic equipment rental service, Toehold offers a comprehensive array of cameras, lenses and accessories on rent, so you never have to break the bank to afford shooting with the best gear.

Whether it's an entry-level camera and kit lens, or the world's best digital SLR camera with an ultra-telephoto lens, Toehold's rental product portfolio is truly well-stocked with all the Canon, Nikon and other popular cameras and lenses, and the essential support gear you need in making your images sing. Now, nothing stands between you and your passion.
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Custom Vacations
For enthusiastic travellers whose schedule is not in sync with our planned Group-Photo-Tours or don't need assistance from a Photography Skipper, Toehold's Custom Vacations offer a world of possibility.

Bespoke to your exact needs, Toehold's Custom Vacations allow you to take advantage of our encyclopaedic knowledge and immense experience of all corners of the world worth travelling to. So, whether you want to photograph camels in Pushkar or jaguars in the Pantanal; or go snorkeling in the waters of Andaman or spend family time in the hills of Himachal, Toehold will take you wherever your heart goes as the ideal companion in your pursuit of the perfect vacation - all on your own terms.
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To complement our photography-oriented services, Toehold offers a photography beanbag called dimBu, to support long lenses for stable shooting. The dimBu is a versatile support device that combines the convenience of hand-holding with the stability of a tripod or a monopod and can be used in a variety of ways to ensure blur-free images.
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