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dimBu 3 - Beanbag for Nature PhotographersdimBu 3 - Beanbag for Nature Photographers

dimBu 3.0 – Camera Beanbag for Nature Photographers


dimBu is India’s most popular photography beanbag.  That’s because apart from being mistaken for a cool purse, it is simply the most valuable tool in stabilising your telephoto lens setup, and taking the weight off your shoulders – quite literally.  And in version 3, it’s lighter, better and more de rigueur than ever.

Now, you can turn your back to blurry images due to the absence of a tripod, and stop performing weightlifting feats in hand-holding your heavy lens.  For designed masterfully to fit on a variety of surfaces and be useful in a wide range of situations, dimBu offers a solid platform for 400 to 800mm telephoto lenses, with a wide top that ensures a grippy area for your lens to rest on, and its soft surface being totally easy on your lens, causing both your arm and your lens to thank you!

Leech SocksLeech Socks

Leech Socks


The pleasure of walking the woods can be severely offset by the pestilence of leech bites. Although leeches are completely innocuous, the thought of a creepy creature crawling down your ankles to suck your blood in the inky depths of your shoes can be utterly loathsome, and stop you from enjoying your jungle amble. Wishing you had never ventured out of your cosy home is certainly not how you want your dream trip to turn out.


Toepi – The Toehold Safari Cap


Be it under a canopy where light is in search of its own shadows, or in a grey sweeping of time, or on a wildlife safari in early evenings, Toepi is your stylish headgear to complete your look, feel and protection as an ardent traveller.  Not only does it offer a close-fitting covering for your head, but also it puts you at ease with its soft and supple blended cotton material.


LensBag for Ultra-telephoto Lenses

4,200.00 3,500.00

If you have an ultra-telephoto lens, you have often felt the pain of carrying it.  It’s too big to fit in your common camera-bag with all your other gear, and the case in which it originally came – you either don’t have or don’t find portable enough, particularly for air travel.

The solution? TeleSling for Ultra-telephoto lenses! Designed to carry up to 800mm lenses with delightful ease*.

*does NOT accommodate a camera along with the lens.

Memory Card WalletMemory Card Wallet

Memory Card Wallet


If you’re a collector of memories, meet your bottomless basket of storage. Toehold’s Memory Card Wallet is a compact, elegant, handy container that can house up to 10 CF cards and several SD cards (and even business cards, if you like!).




If you use a gimbal head or a PanPod with your telephoto lens, LensPlate is a necessity.

Attaching securely to the foot of your lens, this precisely designed quick-release plate will slide into your gimbal or PanPod with breezy smoothness, and slide off with unmatched ease when you wish to take the lens off the support.




If you’re a photographer, it isn’t enough if you are clad in the best clothes. You must show your lenses how much you love them even when you’re not seeing the world through them. You must let them snuggle warmly inside our LensPouch – a classy and flexible nylon pouch in which to encase your precious optics from dust and other lens-killers.