LensBag for Ultra-telephoto Lenses

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If you have an ultra-telephoto lens, you have often felt the pain of carrying it.  It’s too big to fit in your common camera-bag with all your other gear, and the case in which it originally came – you either don’t have or don’t find portable enough, particularly for air travel.

The solution? TeleSling for Ultra-telephoto lenses! Designed to carry up to 800mm lenses with delightful ease*.

*does NOT accommodate a camera along with the lens.

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Features include a sturdy base, cushioned walls, and a Velcro strap that keeps your lens securely in place so your precious optic doesn’t wobble precariously when turbulence visits.  The padded sling-strap is adjustable for length, and a netted pouch on either side allows you to slip in an accessory. Therefore it’s safe as a womb, convenient as a grocery bag, and best of all – it flings away your lens-carrying woes as you breeze by in style and peace!

Please note that actual colours may vary slightly from those depicted in the pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't LensBag fit the Nikon 600mm f/4 AF-S and AF-S VR lenses?

As accommodating as LensBag is, the two-part hood that the 600mm f/4 AF-S and AF-S VR has is just a little too big to fit into LensBag.  If you leave one or both parts of the hood out, you can carry these lenses as well.

What about the new Nikon 600mm f/4 FL AF-S VR lens?

No problems there!  We’re pleased as punch to report that LensBag has no difficulty accommodating the new Nikon 600mm f/4 FL lens, since its hood is one-staged and a lot more civilised.

Is the LensBag washable?

Yes, it is. It can be washed and dried when needed.  Being fuss-free comes naturally to LensBag.

That's nice to hear. Is the material easy on my lens?

Oh, yes; you bet!  You see, its inside is made of a soft lining that cocoons your lens with much the same affection babies are known to show teddy bears.  LensBag loves your lens.  Genuinely.

Touching! Does the colour fade?

No; the very idea!  It does not fade easily, by any means. It will brave all your adventures and remain looking new while it toils away to keep your lens appear pristine and shiny too.  Just as you like it.

How very wonderful! Now, is LensBag waterproof?

We bestowed on it some basic powers to defy a mild drizzle, but it’s best to avoid soaking it in heavy rain that may test its immunity. Of course, when used with the all-weather cover, it’s handsomely immune to wet weather.

Fair enough. How well-padded is the strap?

We care for your shoulders, so the sling strap is padded sufficiently to help you carry it comfortably, even for long periods.

Most thoughtful! How durable are the strap, the handle and the fly?

All the gooey softness hasn’t made LensBag anything less than hardy.  The strap is securely fastened to the ‘fuselage’ of the bag with double-stitching using robust nylon thread. The handle is so irreversibly married to LensBag that even the most spirited of lifts will not cause the couple to be divorced! And the zip fly is made of a very good quality material that’s designed to operate reliably for a long time, so you never have a heart-popping moment with it in the field. Or off it.

Assuring. Can I carry LensBag in the cabin of even small aircrafts?

Absolutely! No aircraft can get too small for LensBag.  Its streamlined design and modest proportions ensure that it can occupy even the tiniest of spaces!

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 51 × 23 cm

Durable material
Ease and flexibility in handling
Elegance of design
Water-resistant cover


Material: Industrial polyester-coated fabric with heavy duty lining and stress points double reinforced.
Colour: Black
Gear Profile: For 400mm f/2.8 or f/4, 200-400mm f/4, 500mm f/4, 600mm f/4 and 800mm lenses.
Type of closure: Zipper (outside) and Velcro (inside)
Carrying Options: Strap it across your chest or put it over your shoulder suiting your convenience. Use the water-resistant cover when outdoors.
Warranty: One year against manufacturing defects.