If life comes full circle, so does WildHat!  Now, worry not about charred scalp and unsightly tanned napes while out in the harsh tropical sun.  Instead, wear the colours that Nature does, while protecting your head from her sometimes-harsh elements.


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To ensure that it fits your head like a dream and sits lightly on it, WildHat is made of blended cotton and is soft and supple, giving you a snug fit and possibly making you rather smug. You may well allow yourself that much pride even when you’re travelling, for after all, you’re sporting headgear that’s stylish, light, durable, and indicative of fine taste. So go on and let the round rim of your WildHat catch a glint of sunshine, as you make your way into lands that awaken the wanderer in you!

Please note that actual colours may vary slightly from those depicted in the pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions

ow wild is WildHat, really?

Very, ladies and gentlemen. In fact, it will contain all your wild ideas about travel and doesn’t let any of them fly off your head! So wear it and take a walk. We mean: to wherever you’d like to go!

That's quite wild. Say, is it a unisex product?

Yes; WildHat is equally at home on both male and female heads. So regardless of your gender you can wear it with pride and flaunt a dashing look wherever you travel to.  You may say it’s a unisex and universally sexy accessory, and you’d be exactly right.

Impressive. Is WildHat washable?

Yes, it totally is. It can be washed and dried when needed to ensure your head’s sporting a clean WildHat at all times.

And so the question follows: is it waterproof?

We’re afraid it isn’t. It can stand a mild drizzle, but not a sustained shower.  We suggest you make alternative arrangements to keep both your precious wild head and WildHat dry!

Fair enough. Does it absorb sweat?

It does. So, even when you’re travelling under a desert sun in summer, the hat will keep your head dry and brain cool.

Cool indeed. Is the material easy on my hair?

Your hair is WildHat’s only love.  Its pledged raison d’être is to protect your hair, and surely enough that’s what it does, with its soft scalp- and hair-friendly material and notable absence of any hard or abrasive parts.

Does the colour fade?

WildHat comes in khaki and forest-green colours, which do not fade easily. So, wear the colours that a forest wears and wander around camouflaged well for a long time.

Does WildHat make me acquire honeyed wisdom that only travel allows?

Ah! That, we’re afraid, it doesn’t. But there’s another way – choose from the exciting range of Toehold travel expeditions and make your own travel stories, for the world is immensely vast, and every story matters.

Additional information

Weight 0.125 kg

Built for telephoto lenses
Anti-skid surface for superior grip
Ergonomic design for maximum user-friendliness
Light and convenient to carry
Highly durable construction for long life
Soft leather top that keeps lenses scratch-free
Can be filled with a wide range of material, such as rice, beans, plastic pellets, and polythene beads
In-built retractable funnel for easy filling


Material: Canvas with suede
Colour: Beige
Gear Profile: Made to use telephoto lenses
Type of Closure: Zipper
Carrying Options: Inside a backpack (easily foldable when empty)
Warranty: 6 months against manufacturing defects.


Green, Brown