the toehold team
Behind the famous Toehold quality is a team of accomplished professionals who are highly passionate about not only photography but also helping you excel at it. Between them they carry decades of experience in travel and imagery,
and they use it to realise your dream.

Jayanth Sharma
Co-founder & CEO

Taking up serious photography in 2004, Jayanth Sharma gradually moved out of his day-job to pursue his passion full time, and co-founded Toehold in 2010. Ever since, he has established himself as a photographer who effortlessly combines natural history and fine-art elements in his portrayals of rarely seen perspectives from the little-visited domains and far corners of the natural world to spectacular effect.

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Sachin Rai
Chief Operations Officer

An uncompromising reverence for nature and an unfailing eye for unique perspectives underline Sachin's journey as an ace naturalist and eminent wildlife photographer with over a decade's experience in excellence. Famous for his special love for amphibians and tigers, Sachin is a veritable treasure chest of natural-history knowledge and photographic expertise, and his quick wit and infectious passion make for riotous company!

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Santosh Saligram
Content Head

In the annals of contemporary wildlife photography, Santosh Saligram is a name of repute as someone enamoured with tigers and "all things feline". Santosh's style involves narrating a riveting story in partnership with evocative images designed to touch a chord. His creations reveal an eye for the unseen, dexterous use of light, and profound love for his subjects, which, he says, is the raison d'être of his work.

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Rajiv Shyamsundar
Photography Mentor

With a flair for eclectic photography-genres ranging from portraiture to architecture and fine-art to landscapes, young Rajiv Shyamsundar uses the camera as a palette of myriad hues. His work is distinctive and committed to pulling out that hitherto-unseen visual from the depths of his imagination to paint vivid images on a canvas of vibrant pixels, especially with his favourite genre of event photography.

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Phillip Ross
Photography Mentor

Phillip Ross is the 'little master' of wildlife photography. Still in his twenties and already boasting an impressive portfolio, Phillip exudes the same precocity as the big cats he is known to get along with. When out in the wild, Lady Luck is his faithful friend, and back in the civilized world, captivating stories of his experiences are a staple source of fascination for those who enjoy the pleasure of his vivacious acquaintance.

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Harsha Narasimhamurthy
Photography Mentor

His reverence for creatures of the forests marked the beginning of young Harsha Narasimhamurthy's journeys to National Parks in South India, followed by his devotion to document his experiences as photographs. Gifted with keen attention and impressive presence of mind, Harsha is quick to make informed decisions on field. He considers photography 'the digital form of painting', and his work remains true to his learned truth.

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Darren Centofanti
Glamour Photography Mentor

Darren is a leading fashion, advertising and glamour photographer. With over 20 years of professional photography experience, he travels the world for assignments and is based in India. His portfolio showcases celebrity Bollywood stars like Sonam Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Bipasha Basu and International sporting personalities like Serena Williams, Sachin Tendulkar, Adam Gilchrist and MS Dhoni.

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Gregory Basco
Wildlife Photography Mentor

Residing in Costa Rica with his family and the many birds that visit his backyards, Greg is engaged in a tireless effort to showcase the multitudinous biodiversity that thrives in its rainforests and cloud forests. Although he has made a treasure chest of invaluable stock images, he strives to depart from a literal representation of his beloved subjects, and encapsulate beauty through diverse genres of photography.

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Ole Liodden
Photography Mentor

An unrelenting passion and a clear vision for his art have made Ole Jørgen Liodden a popular name in not only wildlife photography but also in natural resource management and environmental conservation. A winner of the BBC Photographer of the Year award, Ole has won numerous other awards, and has also authored eight books on nature and photography and leads expeditions to many places across the world.

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Roy Mangersnes
Photography Mentor

To make his images tell stories, Roy Mangersness, a Norwegian professional wildlife photographer and trained behaviouralist, travels the from the Arctic to the Antarctic to make special features of the natural world come alive through photographs. And throughout his journey, his work has been a testament for his passion and aptitude for his art, winning him several international prestigious awards.

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Oli Haukur
Photography Mentor

Living in Reykjavik, Iceland, Oli Haukur is known for the unique results he accomplishes in photography and design projects on landscape, architecture, advertising and wedding. While he also likes photographing people and the magic in the mundane life, Iceland looks more surreal and overwhelmingly outlandish in his landscape photos. His vibrant portfolio also reflects his passion for travel and his love for nature.

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Neeta Shankar
Travel Photography Mentor

Neeta Shankar is the definitive creative artist whose approach to work in the area of travel and wedding photography is one of transcending limitations. Her exceptional clarity of vision enables her to pull surreal moments out of the stillness amidst chaos, and her passion for training allows her to impart the wealth of her experience in fun and effective ways that inspires the learner to emulate her lofty standards.

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Umeed Mistry
Underwater Photography Mentor

With 20 years diving experience and 11 years in underwater photography, Umeed Mistry has been introducing people to the exotic reefs in the Indian Ocean. With his passion for marine and freshwater ecosystems, he also works towards creating awareness by facilitating art residencies and education programmes. His compelling repertoire of artwork reflects his love and passion for underwater photography.

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The vision of the management team is amply matched by the passion of our office staff. Proud, motivated and committed to the common goal of excellence, they help ensure we constantly fulfil our mission of being the best at what we do.

Shruthi Sharma
Rentals Head

Resourceful and affable, Shruthi lives and breathes rentals, while keeping the gear in shipshape and ready to light people's lives, with tireless diligence.

Rashmi Tellis
Travel Services Head

Rashmi ensures that our unique travel services meet new horizons with consistent excellence, by leveraging her strong grounding in sales, operations and customised vacations.

Deepak Kaprat
Digital Marketing Manager

With a keen nose for analytics, an eye for detail, and nearly a decade of experience, Deepak helps our promises of great experiences reach the right ears.

Sourabha Rao

Sourabha gives verbal form to the inexpressible, and with her passion for travel, weaves immersive stories that transcend space and dissolve time.

Sharath Chandra
Web Developer

Hailing from Mangalore, Sharath uses his roots in the pristine countryside in which he was raised, to lend aesthetic function to our online form.

Deekshith S
Multimedia Specialist

A multimedia wizard, Deekshit draws from his rich experience and ever-on-the-alert creativity to deliver arresting visual content to our audience!

Pavithra Prashanth
Assistant Manager
Bangalore Rentals

With a ready zeal to serve as her main tool, Pavithra makes it a breeze to zero in on your dream gear and walk away with it, and a beaming smile for free.

Sapna R
Customer Service Executive
Bangalore Rentals

An absorbing conversationalist, Sapna walks the talk, combining her exceptional communication skills with exemplary service to delight just about everyone.

Shashwat Bhat
Photography Workshops Consultant

Shashwat ensures that our nonpareil expertise on photography reaches avid learners by deftly coordinating our photography workshops in various cities.

Asmita Mane
Customer Service Executive
Pune Rentals

Asmita's unbridled enthusiasm for pretty much everything is the perfect ingredient for service, which she fully deploys in delighting everyone with her exemplary work.

Soumya Hegde
Junior Accountant

A budding enthusiast of accountancy, Soumya plays the vital role of adding more diligence in making and maintaining financial reports with utmost flair and zeal.

K.M. Ashok
Senior Logistics Executive
Bangalore Rentals

Known to be as punctual as an atomic clock, Ashok delivers equipment – and joy – to your doorstep with the reliability of a Toyota and the élan of an Aston.

Shivjee Ray
Logistics Executive
Pune Rentals

Shivjee carries his considerable knowledge of photography lightly on his shoulders, using them instead to care for equipment and deliver it with clockwork precision.

Ajit Pawar
Logistics Executive
Pune Rentals

Known to lavish more care on our equipment than many do on their Charles Hollander chess-sets, Ajith knows to be in only one mode – his best.

Ajay Kumar
Logistics Executive
Bangalore Rentals

Ajay delivers equipment with a matchless efficiency, for he knows the city's map like the back of his hand, and punctuality is not merely his strength, but his very hallmark.

C. Prasad
Logistics Executive
Bangalore Rentals

A biking enthusiast, Prasad leverages his love for motorcycles to zip nimbly across the city, to gear you up for your big shoot without breaking a sweat.

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