Jayanth Sharma
Co-founder & CEO

Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS), UK


Highly Honoured - Nature's Best Photography Windland Awards 2016

Honourable Mention - Global Arctic Awards 2014

Finalist - Saevus Nature's Trailblazer Assignment

Third Prize - Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Awards 2007

Special Mention - Better Photography Contest 2008

Special Mention - Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Awards 2008

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"Photography is at its most powerful when style flair and content originality come together," says Jayanth.

Jayanth took up serious photography in 2004, and after gradually moving out of his day job to pursue his passion full time, co-founded Toehold in 2010 and especially since then, has been a prolific producer of consistently stunning imagery — the kind that is planned in a studio and executed outdoors. Effortlessly combining natural history and fine-art elements, Jayanth brings back rarely seen perspectives from the little-visited domains and far corners of the natural world.

Behind Jayanth's awe-inspiring work are a fierce commitment to nail the composition in the field, an assiduous abstinence from digital manipulation, a nearly devotional love for quality, and zero appetite for compromise. Jayanth uses the strengths of his tools to his immense advantage, creating powerful vignettes of optical excellence designed to pamper the aesthetic corner of a nature lover.

Travelling is oxygen for Jayanth, and he wants to explore all possible natural hotspots of the world while he's on the planet. His unique expertise in photographing in a truly eclectic range of wilderness areas - from Southeast Asia to Canada, Brazil to Norway and East Africa to eastern Russia, is supplemented by his immense experience in the Indian Subcontinent. Having worked in the mighty Himalayas, the unexplored Northeast, the secretive South and the tiger havens of Central India, Jayanth is a homegrown photographer gone totally global.

Participants of his Photo Tours find in him not only an acutely brilliant mentor but also a sparkling inspiration to conceive and execute images they had hitherto probably never imagined. Add to this the distinct brand of humour with which he spreads cheer during his events, and you know why people seek his company as much as the fountain of photography expertise he carries so lightly on his illustrious shoulders.

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