Ole Liodden
Photography Mentor

Winner - Animal in Environment, BBC Photographer of the year 2012

Highly Commended - GDT European Photographer of the year 2016

Winner - Arctic Global Award 2012

Winner - Nordic Nature Photo Contest 2012

Second Place - Kuwait Grand Photography Contest 2016

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"Photography with a purpose is art acquiring deeper meaning," says Ole.

Professional wildlife photographer, author, expedition leader and conservationist, Ole Jørgen Liodden is a multifaceted artist from Norway, whose work has touched people across the globe. He has previously been a Nikon beta tester and an ambassador for Nikon and Canon. He has earned a master's degree in Natural Resource Management, Resource Economics and Environmental Politics from the University in Ås (Norway). He has also studied Wildlife Management, Ornithology and Mammalogy at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. His work is always in consonance with his unrelenting passion and clear vision.

Ole works rigorously to draw attention towards the environmental issues of marine ecosystems and in the Arctic. He was selected as one of the photographers for the 'Wild Wonders of Europe' project, which is the world's largest communication project regarding nature and environmental conservation in Europe. He founded Penguin World in 2015, and began the 'Polar Bears vs. Humans' project in 2016. He has won the European Photographer of the Year multiple times, and in 2012 he was the winner of the most prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year award. The Norwegian artist has also published eight books on nature and photography.

glimpses of Ole's work