Oli Haukur
Photography Mentor
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"I love portraying the magic created by the coming together of seemingly contradictory elements of nature," says Oli.

Oli Haukur is an Icelandic photographer specialising in landscape photography. After studying at the New York Institute of Photography and joining the Tækniskolinn in Reykjavik, Oli Haukur made giant strides in his work, so that photography soon became his second nature. Master of many trades, Oli regularly undertakes projects in architecture, advertising and even wedding photography, and likes to dabble in making human portraits and capturing the magic innate to life, due to which nothing ever seems mundane to him.

But the piece de resistance of Oli's portfolio is certainly his landscape images of Iceland, in which the country looks even more surreal and outlandish than it is. Oli considers being Icelandic a privilege, and strives to portray the intimacy he feels with the place through evocative images shaped by magically changing light in different parts of the country, topped by the ethereal Aurora Borealis. His passion for travelling is rimmed with a deeper understanding of various elements of nature in different parts of his own country and the lands he has set his foot on, of which his striking photographs speak eloquently.

glimpses of Oli's work