Phillip Ross
Photography Mentor

Gold Medal, Team - 17th FIAP Nature Biennial World Cup, 2014 - Printed Images

Bronze Medal, Individual- 17th FIAP Nature Biennial World Cup, 2014 - Printed Images

Special Mention - Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Awards 2013

"The best age to take up photography is when your mind's eye is open and heart is young," says Phillip.

Phillip Ross is without doubt the 'little master' of wildlife photography. Still young and already boasting an impressive portfolio, Phillip exudes the same precocity as the big cats he is famously known to get along with. When out in the wild, Lady Luck is his faithful friend, and back in the civilized world, captivating stories of his experiences are a staple source of fascination for those who enjoy the pleasure of his vivacious acquaintance.

Phillip's love-affair with nature spawned early, from his frequent visits to the family's farm in the outskirts of Bangalore. Soon, he became introduced to the national parks and tiger reserves of southern India and the treasures that lay within. In 2006, he procured a camera to document his experiences, thereby kicking off his journey in right earnest.

Phillip's illustrious body of work showcases a wide and vivid spectrum of nature's wonders from many remote corners of India and elsewhere, and serves as a collection of powerful vignettes that espouse conservation of our invaluable natural wealth. His work has won him many laurels, including a Wildlife Conservation Award in 2009 for his report on saving the Bannerghatta National Park.

An avid angler, transfixing raconteur and naturalist par excellence, Phillip uses his passion for wildlife to spread the joy of nature through his infectious ways to adults and children alike.

glimpses of Phillip's work