Rahul Sachdev
Photography Mentor

Special Mention (Two) - Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Awards 2009

Special Mention - Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Awards 2010

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"I hope to influence people to make a quantum shift from taking pictures to making images," says Rahul.

Having grown up on Jim Corbett stories, Rahul was quick to find his calling in the wild. Despite enjoying a successful career in the software industry, he nurtured a deep-rooted passion for wildlife and photography, a journey that took him far and wide across the country and overseas, during which Rahul earned intimate knowledge of the jungle, its inhabitants, the people around it and the art of portraying them.

Rahul is a natural at squeezing a minuscule quantum of time-space from the infinity of the celestial, and thrives on the challenges like freezing birds in flight to perfection and making silhouettes sing. A nature-lover at heart first, Rahul is always interested in learning about the behaviour of his subjects and researches them thoroughly before he sets out to churn out his masterpieces. Harbouring special love for birds and mammals, Rahul has built an illustrious profile that dazzles with aesthetic brilliance and emotional appeal, and is punctuated with moments from the wild that have been widely published on the web and in various magazines.

A consummate trainer, Rahul regularly leads Photography Tours and conducts Workshops that help participants learn to make images rather than merely take pictures, which is a quantum shift he says he hopes to bring about in the hobbyists he comes to influence.

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