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Rajiv Shyamsundar

Rajiv Shyamsundar

Photography Mentor

“Photography is not about owning a camera, but about using it to shape your vision,” says Rajiv.

With a flair for eclectic photography-genres ranging from portraiture to architecture and fine-art to landscapes, young Rajiv Shyamsundar uses the camera as a palette of myriad hues. His work is distinctive and committed to pulling out that hitherto-unseen visual from the depths of his imagination to paint vivid images on a canvas of vibrant pixels, especially with his favourite genre of event photography.

Endowed with acute technical acumen partly also because of his engineering background, Rajiv is an information powerhouse, which, combined with his monumental patience and a ready, smiling enthusiasm to instruct, educate and assist, makes him an ideal trainer for those who’d like to learn and imbibe in their work the sparkling qualities of his inspirational imagery.

Glimpses of Rajiv's work