Ramakrishnan Aiyaswamy
Photography Mentor

Ramakrishnan Aiyaswamy

Photography Mentor.

Ramakrishnan is a Nature & Wildlife Photographer from Bangalore, India. He believes, photography is a powerful tool that evokes a sense of awareness, joy, and compassion at the same time; and loves to present his images in the form of storytelling.


He began his photography journey in wildlife during late 2008 and is a self-taught photographer.

His images have featured in many National and International Wildlife magazines, Karnataka Tourism websites, Wildlife Exhibitions, Conservation documentaries, forums, Bird field guides, and in the latest edition of Indian Mammals, field guide. Besides this, Ram facilitates awareness sessions on Wildlife and Photography at Schools, Wildlife events, and at the Corporate Toastmasters club. He has mentored over 250 wildlife enthusiasts over the last few years.

Glimpses of Ram's work