Sachin Rai
Chief Operations Officer

First Prize - DJ Memorial Photo Contest 2017

First Prize - DJ Memorial Photo Contest 2013

Photographer of the Year
- Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Photography Awards 2007

Second Prize - Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Photography Awards 2007

Third Prize - Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Photography Awards 2014

Special Mention - Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Photography Awards 2007, 2008 and 2009

Special Mention - Better Photography Contest 2008

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"Photography is not about equipment; it's about making the most of it," says Sachin.

An uncompromising reverence for nature and an unfailing eye for unique perspectives underline Sachin's journey as an ace naturalist and eminent wildlife photographer with over a decade's experience in excellence. Sachin's work strikes the viewer quickly and hard as that of a wizard and alchemist extraordinaire capable of pulling out an exotic array of multi-hued riches from his bag with imponderable ease.

A great exemplar of the truism that it's not the camera that makes the image but the man behind it, Sachin conjures creations that hum euphoniously like a song because he wields his tools not like a labouring artisan but rather like a wizard weaving his wand with elegant proficiency.

With his consummate way with the camera and enormous natural history expertise, he brings to life the magic of the places he loves and then adds some of his own mojo. His images carry an unusual oomph and pack a bagful of impact because they are not minute quanta of time squeezed into a frame but rather something a bit longer, akin to a combination of the subject's biography projected on a grand canvas to tell a glorious story, to deeply enthrall and profoundly excite.

His encyclopedic knowledge is exceeded only by his humility and matched by his flair for training, and employing his immense photographic expertise, quick wit and infectious passion, Sachin delivers highly enjoyable workshops and tours where learning suddenly appears fun and easy!

glimpses of Sachin's work