Santosh Saligram
Content Head

First Prize - NDTV Tiger Photography Contest 2010

Second Prize - Suvarna News Tiger Photography Contest 2015

Highly Honoured - Nature's Best Photography Windland Awards 2013

Special Mention - Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Awards 2009 and 2010

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"Photography is expression of the infinite in finite visual quanta," says Santosh.

In the annals of contemporary wildlife photography, Santosh Saligram is a name of repute as someone enamoured with tigers and "all things feline", and passionate about expressing it! Santosh's style involves playing a riveting narrative with evocative images so as to strike a chord with the consumer. His creations reveal an eye for the unseen, dexterous use of light, and profound love for his subjects, which, he says, is the raison d'être of his work.

A qualified mechanical engineer, Santosh traces the genesis of his photography to the excursions on which he would accompany his maternal uncles since he was of a tender age, and his association with the YHAI, an adventure and travel group. Gradually, what began as a casual desire to document his marauding blossomed into a fervent avocation and eventually into his profession as his present role of content head, which blends his twin loves of writing and photography.

A strong believer in the power of creative writing and imaging in promoting awareness about wildlife, Santosh counts the ability to infect another mind with a love for our natural heritage as one of the great joys of his art and uses his tools in pursuit of creating "that which will endure beyond the ephemeral". His photos have adorned many newspapers, magazines, exhibitions, websites, books, calendars and other merchandise both commercially and in aid of conservation efforts.

glimpses of Santosh's work