Saurabh Desai
Photography Mentor

Saurabh Desai

Photography Mentor.

Author & Photographer of a coffee-table book ‘Visual Poetries’


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Visual Poetries

Surat city in Gujarat state of India is where Saurabh opened up his eyes, both virtually and literally to create images. He started from his home ground and continues to travel to different places, keeping the old flame burning in his heart alive.

The journey that commenced from a city continues through deep forests, soundless runs, endless grasslands, passing through strident coastal lines & colossal wetlands up to the snowy peaks of the Himalayas. One of his famous work ‘Visual Poetries’ as a book belongs to certain places of wildlife in India, the pictures included, depict not only the natural history of Indian wildlife but also the prettiness of diversified nature at distinct perspectives.

It reflects millions of thoughts that provoked during his journey as a Nature Photographer. Colors, patterns, intensity, minimalism, peace, flow, space, graphics, monochromes, depicting sentimental values, etc are his subjects now.

Glimpses of Saurabh's work