Personalised Vacations planned by our Experts
Toehold Personalised Vacations
If you'd like to explore a place at your own pace while having experts guiding you all along the way, a Toehold Personalised Vacation is the only answer. Built to your exact specifications on the bedrock of our unmatched prowess, it's a breezy way of enjoying an experience on your own terms, while benefiting from decades of expertise.
Why let us arrange your trip?
  • Bespoke itineraries tailored exactly to your needs
  • Expert advice to help plan your perfect trip
  • Breathtaking array of the planet's best destinations
  • Immense firsthand field experience and expertise
  • Benefit of partnerships with the best resources
  • Flawless execution with the utmost attention to detail
Need inspiration to travel?

Go where your heart takes you.
Our planet is soaking in the sentient delight of its own existence. And is full of places that let you tune into it. Places that make your irreversible faith in the beauty of life disestablish time. So pack your curiosity along and take a plunge. To be drenched in the delicate golden light of a dawn. To rejoice in the divine dusk inviting a night with all its moon lust. To hear the pillars and the birds croon of their unsung creators. To discover what casts the ocean's eyes aloft to that unspeaking, unhearing heaven. Don't taste a bit. Taste it all. Don't live a little. Live fully. Starting now. And let us plan it. So the pain is not for you, but the joy is all yours.