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There are pure physical experiences that no thought, no emotion can supplant them with. The adrenaline rush one derives out of the movement of flesh is an experience savoured only by the adventurous. Chasing and cleaving seawaves on a surfboard, diving from above the clouds, hiking through the non-paths of a dense forest, the snowy-mountain treks, the swimming along with deep-water creatures… if these things tickle your sense for outdoorsy dare, then you are at the right place to plan an exciting adventurous holiday. Here!

Tell us what you are big fan of – sea-diving, skydiving, rafting, bungee jumping? Are you a mountain-child who frequents summits on mountain-treks? Are you a rainforest daughter? And our travel experts will plan a great adventure vacation for you – to suit all your needs.



Enter a world where every view is a masterpiece and every experience is ethereal. For your landscape love to find salvation, get high on the Land of the High Passes.


Set foot on a wondrous island shaped by opposing forces and see its magic dazzle with all its whimsical colours.
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South Africa

Ignite your senses with South Africa’s vibrant city-life, adventure tours, sun-kissed beaches and other amazing treats.
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Sri Lanka

See how in Sri Lanka, thousands of years of history, abundant wildlife and natural beauty mingle with modernity.
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Plan your next vacation to pamper yourself with the delightful mix of sun, sand and sea in the islands of Maldives.
Dubai Thumbnail


In the opulence capital of the world that Dubai is, treat yourself to some of the best man-made marvels on your next luxury vacation.
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Blessed with some of the utmost wildlife spectacles on earth, Botswana is one of the great safari destinations in Africa. Explore it with your unending enthusiasm.
Nepal thumbnail


If you wish to spend your next vacation in great Himalayas where spirituality brims, plan an exciting itinerary with us to Nepal.


With its scenic beaches, coral reefs, waterfalls and all else that makes it a great vacation destination, Mauritius entices a traveller who seeks leisure.


With its beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, abundant wildlife and delectable cuisines, Seychelles is the perfect destination for the traveller in you.

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