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The land of origin of human beings, countries with breathtaking primordial picture, big cats and other endemic wildlife teaming up to spawn the most spectacular wilderness sites on the planet, a continent with numerous holiday destinations that will leave you spoiled for choice. Africa is truly as ancient as it gets and as contemporary as it gets for the explorer in you.

Our travel experts have known Africa intimately and their collective experience can chalk out the best plans for your next vacation anywhere in this second largest continent in the world! Draw from the experience of our Africa gurus and focus only on enjoying your next holiday while we take care of everything to ensure the same.

If you’d like to explore a place at your own pace while having experts guiding you all along the way, a Toehold Personalised Vacation is the only answer. Built to your exact specifications on the bedrock of our unmatched prowess, it’s a breezy way of enjoying an experience on your own terms, while benefiting from decades of expertise.

Why let us arrange your trip?

  • Bespoke itineraries tailored exactly to your needs
  • Expert advice to help plan your perfect trip
  • Breathtaking array of the planet’s best destinations
  • Immense firsthand field experience and expertise
  • Benefit of partnerships with the best resources
  • Flawless execution with the utmost attention to detail

Go where your heart takes you.

Our planet is soaking in the sentient delight of its own existence. And is full of places that let you tune into it. Places that make your irreversible faith in the beauty of life disestablish time. So pack your curiosity along and take a plunge. To be drenched in the delicate golden light of a dawn. To rejoice in the divine dusk inviting a night with all its moon lust. To hear the pillars and the birds croon of their unsung creators. To discover what casts the ocean’s eyes aloft to that unspeaking, unhearing heaven. Don’t taste a bit. Taste it all. Don’t live a little. Live fully. Starting now. And let us plan it. So the pain is not for you, but the joy is all yours.
Live. Now!


You’ve read about it in books and gawked at it on TV. It’s now time to step into it and let its wonders walk out of your dreams into the arena of reality. It’s time for Kenya.



Witness first-hand the riches of the Serengeti Ecosystem. On this Tanzania Vacation, experience the unbounded wonders of the endless plains.



Visit a land that teems with the rarest of wildlife, a land that is more animated than an animated film made on it.



In the ancient land of Egypt, see and listen to the stories that the daunting pyramids and everything else has to share with the learner of the world in you.

South Africa Thumbnail

South Africa

Ignite your senses with South Africa’s vibrant city-life, adventure tours, sun-kissed beaches and other amazing treats.

Ethiopia thumbnail


In the geographically diverse Africa is a country of great wildlife variety, of the initial chapters of human history and natural contrasts. Let us plan a holiday for you to Ethiopia.

Botswana thumbnail


Blessed with some of the utmost wildlife spectacles on earth, Botswana is one of the great safari destinations in Africa. Explore it with your unending enthusiasm.



Explore the African land that is home to the majestic mountain gorilla among the abundant wildlife it nurtures.



Visit this markedly different African country that nurtures endangered and rare wildlife, and compsrises the scorching spectacle, Kalahari Desert.

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